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Discount Printer Cartridge - Tips on Discount Printer Cartridges

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The digital revolution has changed the way people live in many ways. As technology becomes more advanced, computers and other electronic products become less costly. As far as printing from your personal computer is concerned, buying ink still seems fairly spendy. Instead of buying ink supplies at an electronics store, shop for discount printer cartridges and save big bucks.

Discount printer cartridges are less expensive but comparable in quality. Some on-line vendors quote savings of 80% off retail prices. Sometimes such drastic price cuts on a discount printer cartridge only reflect certain kinds of ink cartridges for certain brands of printers but the bargains do exist.

A discount printer cartridge can replace the retail version for nearly any type of printer. Laser cartridges, inkjet cartridges, toner refills and other printer supplies are all available from discount companies on the Internet or in local stores. The discounted merchandise is often an older version of the same model, a mistake in a shipment, slightly damaged packaging or simply cartridges with more supply than demand. The product itself is not flawed and should still provide excellent quality.

In addition to the type of cartridge needed, some name brand printers are not compatible with a generic printer cartridge. Many require their name brand printer cartridge. Almost all of the name brands have discount printer cartridge versions of their products. Some of the most well known brands like Brother, Lexmark and Epson offer a version of a discount printer cartridge through their home companies. Check their home websites for links to clearance discounts.

If you are looking for detailed specs comparing a specific brand of discount printer cartridge to another brand, businesses like Consumer Reports has recommendations for the type of cartridge, brand of printer and many other details resulting from their hands on tests. Many expert reviewers suggest avoiding use of a discount printer cartridge for photos and graphic design projects. They claim discount ink might not be as vivid in color. Many of the professional reviewers endorse using a discount printer cartridge for printing text and other high volume projects. Then you can save the original brand name cartridge for special jobs like photographs and graphic arts.

When you find a company with the discount printer cartridge you need at the price you want to pay, check on guarantees and return policies. Most reputable companies will replace merchandise returned from unsatisfied customers. Check the customer comments on different on-line sites.

Buying a discount printer cartridge can provide big savings in your printing budget. It may take a few tries before you find a good match for your needs but there are bargain versions of most printer cartridges.

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