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Gourmet Fruit Baskets - Tips on Gourmet Fruit Baskets

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Considering allergies, personal taste, political correctness and other rules made by society, it is getting difficult to find an appropriate gift that the recipient will enjoy. When money or a gift card seems too generic, try a personalized present like a gourmet fruit basket.

Gourmet fruit baskets can be customized with different types of fruit and other gourmet items. The price tags can range from about $20 to nearly $200 or more depending on the company, the season and the size of the gourmet fruit basket.

If you need a gift to welcome a new family to your neighborhood, to express sympathy to a friend’s family when a relative dies, a gift for office co-workers or gift given to any group of people, gourmet fruit baskets make an impressive gift. Most companies arrange all the fruit items in a basket in decorative fashion and wrap it up in ribbons to make a huge professionally designed gift filled with fruit. Everyone can share the fruit in the basket. They will feel like you went to lots of trouble to find a special gift.

Deciding on gourmet fruit baskets and what fruit to choose might be a little more difficult. Do you want gourmet fruit or do you want fruit with gourmet products to complement the fruit? Depending on the season, fruits considered gourmet can be quite expensive and difficult to find. Instead of importing tropical fruit, think about using the fruits in season and add a touch like gourmet chocolate dip for the pineapple and strawberries or a gourmet caramel product for assorted colors and flavors of apples.

Finding a local business offering gourmet fruit baskets can be a little challenging. Start searching flower shops, high-end department stores and candy shops. Depending on the time of year and your location, larger grocery stores offer fruit baskets for sale. If you would rather order on line, a long list of companies who feature gourmet baskets is readily available. Some even provide same day delivery.

If you decide to order a gourmet fruit basket on line, it is very important to check out the company. Avoid companies with several complaints about the product or services. If you know someone who has used a gourmet basket service, get advice about the different companies. Before you decide on the business or the basket you want to order, check out guarantees on quality and freshness. If your fruit basket arrives on time and all the fruit is too ripe or once it’s opened you realize it’s not what you ordered, will the company make it right at no cost to you?

Most on-line companies feature a handful of their branded baskets pictured on a brochure. A small basket suitable for one person, a medium basket for a family or a large/extra large size for a corporate gift is fairly standard. Many also allow customized version of their gourmet fruit baskets with products such as gourmet candies or coffee as well as other suitable items you can add to the basket. Design the basket with the recipients in mind to create the best fit for your unique gift.

A sampling of on-line companies offering gourmet fruit baskets include The Fruit Basket, teleflora.com and ftd.com. Many on-line sites provide free reviews of gift basket companies and recommend the best product and the best companies. A review company can point out the selection of fruit in a specific growing area and recommend the most popular choices. Sites like fruitbasketreview.com or consumersearch.com test product and reliability of service and share results with customers throughout the country.

If you are concerned about freshness due to a remote location, gourmet dried fruit is a good alternative to fresh fruit. Although it’s more expensive, gourmet baskets with dried fruit last longer and make attractive colors and textures in a basket. Several gourmet products can be used as substitutes for fruit or as extras in a gift basket.

Once you order a gourmet fruit basket and realize how easy it is to give such a creative and healthy gift, you might decide to give everyone on your list an edible gift.

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