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St Maarten Flights - St Maarten flights: traveling to paradise.

island martin airport saint

Saint Martin is a tiny island located in the northeastern Caribbean, less than 190 miles from Puerto Rico. It is known to tourists and world travelers as “The Friendly Island”. Getting there is very easy thanks to the many St Maarten flights available to those looking to experience the island.

Just like Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean is divided between Dominican Republic and Haiti, the island of Saint Martin is shared by two independent countries. Saint-Martin is the northern territory of the island, and it is officially known by its French name Collectivité de Saint-Martin (Collectivity of Saint Martin). The southern nation of the island is one of the Dutch Antilles, officially known as Eilandgebied Sint Maarten (Island Territory of St. Maarten). With only about 50 square miles to share in this Caribbean paradise, the Dutch and French identities make the island one of the world’s most cosmopolitan places.

Visitors can access the island by boat or airplane. Although arriving by boat can be a nice sightseeing experience given the right weather and sea conditions, most tourists take advantage of the many St Maarten flights that land at Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch territory. Due to its strategic location in the Caribbean, the international airport in Sint Maarten has become a hub for the Leeward Islands. In 2009, there were over 62,000 St Maarten flights that took off and landed at Princess Juliana International Airport. That’s over a million and a half passengers in just one year!

There are around thirty commercial passenger airlines that fly to St Maarten. Flights take off from many major airports in North America and Europe. When it comes to booking St Maarten flights, travelers have the advantage of departing from a major airport near them. Since there are quite a few air travel options for tourists who wish to visit the friendly island, the sheer amount of booking choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. Saint Martin is a popular travel destination in the Caribbean, and this means that airlines, travel agencies, and tour operators will be very competitive when it comes to offering St Maarten flights.

Travelers departing from the Eastern seaboard of the United States should not experience any difficulties in finding non-stop St Maarten flights departing from major airports near them during the island’s peak season. The low tourist season in St Maarten is from June to August. During this time, direct St Maarten flights from American airports are not too frequent; although they are generally cheaper. This is not the case in Europe, where direct St Maarten flights can still be booked during the summer months. The weather on the friendly island turns windy and rainy during September and October. During these two months St Maarten flights are inexpensive, but they may also be subject to unexpected delays and cancellations due to weather conditions.

Princess Juliana International Airport is not the only gateway to the island. On the French side of Saint-Martin, Aeroport de L’esperance can accommodate smaller aircraft to alleviate the heavy air traffic on the international airport. Small charter airlines offer St Maarten flights that are essentially “island hops”. These charter airlines can take travelers from the island of Saint Martin to Anguilla, Montserrat, and the busy San Juan airport in Puerto Rico. Charter airlines will often run promotions during the peak season to entice tourists to visit some of the other gems in the Caribbean.

People who enjoy aircraft spotting and photography are sure to enjoy Maho Beach on the Dutch side of the island, near runway 10 of the airport. St Maarten flights take a sharp short final approach right over sunbathers and swimmers on Maho Beach. Large aircraft such as Boeing 757 jets can be clearly appreciated as they approach the island, and the airport even posts the timetable of all St Maarten flights that can be seen from Maho Beach. Planespotters will feel right at home at Sunset Beach Bar and Grill, where loudspeakers broadcast radio transmissions between the air traffic controllers and the pilots.

Tourists arriving on St Maarten flights are in for a fun vacation as soon as they land. The Dutch side is known for its casinos and exciting nightlife, while the French side is famous for its culinary offerings and upscale shopping. Both sides are blessed by lush tropical flora and fauna. Saint Martin is a very charming island, and travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds in a this small Caribbean paradise.

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