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Disney Park Tickets - Where and how to find disney park tickets

buy day package plan

Once you make the decision to take a vacation to Disneyland or Disney World, the next thing to think about is getting disney park tickets. The places where you can buy the tickets are varied as are the type of tickets and their prices. This guide will be your key to breaking through the red tape and buying the tickets that you desire.

Find Great Deals When You Buy Online
If you buy your tickets online instead of at a ticket booth at the park, you will save. How much you ask? It just depends on the deal you want.

If you plan to commute to Disney or will have hotel accommodations that are not on the Disney resort you can take advantage of a deal called “Magic You Way.” With this package the more days you buy, the cheaper your price per day. By the time you buy seven days, it’s like getting three days free. With this package, you have full access to all of the Disney parks and you can go to more than one theme park on a single day. Plus, you get to use all of the Disney transportation – monorails, ferryboats and motor coaches. For those over 10 years old, the package, will cost $286, for those 3-9-years old, the package is $253.

If you are only going to be near the park for a limited amount of time, there are still packages available for you. You can buy a single day ticket for $79 (over 10 years old), or add the park hopper option (to go to more than one park in the day) for $131.

Additionally, if you live near one of the Disney parks, you can get discounted disney park tickets. The prices are special for residents and vary throughout the year. For instance Southern California residents can currently get a special Summer Pass, which is good for three full days in any of the disney parks at the low price of just $108. Florida residents get a similar option for Disney World.

Just go online to http://tickets.disney.go.com/buy/TicketTrans and buy your tickets today.

Ticket Discounts
One way to get a good deal on tickets is to go through a company that sells a lot of tickets. The Official Ticket Center®, which is recommended by “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World,” prides itself on its ability to offer discounted tickets with no hidden fees. The family owned and operated company has been in business for over 10 years and they stand by their prices, no matter what type of disney park tickets that you are looking for in Orlando, Florida. They have several ticket packages available where you get a day free after buying a certain number. Just go online to http://www.officialticketcenter.com/disney-tickets.aspx to order your tickets today.

Plan Your Entire Stay with Disney
To get the most complete Disney experience from hotel room, to character breakfasts and disney park tickets there is no better place to go then to the source of all the fun http://disneyworld.disney.go.com. Through this Disney site you can completely plan your vacation get away. Pick out how many nights you are going to stay in the hotel and it will bring up all of the recommendations for disney park tickets. As an added bonus, it will give you discounts for extra night stays and give you the chance for add ons that aren’t available through the non-Disney sellers. All in all, for the complete experience there is no better way to plan your vacation. All of your choices are easily spelled out for you on the Web site and it makes sure you don’t forget anything. You can buy a meal plan that will pay for your meals when you are inside the Disney theme parks, so you don’t have anything left to worry about.

Regardless of your length of stay or the number of people in your party you will get the most for your money by following these simple recommendations. Smaller discounts are also available through groups that you may be involved in such as AAA or AARP, but more often than not, the best way to save on disney park tickets is to lengthen the time of your stay. Even if you won’t use day seven of a seven-day package, it makes sense to buy the package because it lowers the overall price of each day and in the end you will actually spend less, than if you bought the package for less days.

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