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Quoizel Table Lamp - A Quoizel Table Lamp as an Addition to Your Home Decor

tiffany glass european lamps

Qoizel is considered by many to be the Cadillac of home lighting products. Ranging anywhere in price from $62 to $3,000, Quoizel table lamps are sure to dazzle and impress. Quoizel’s Tiffany line of table lamps, in the style of renowned glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, in particular, are bestsellers, and are a mark of good fortune and good taste. Quoizel’s lamps are made from the finest Lenox porcelain, and are considered to be timeless art pieces, reminiscent of a time gone by, and they also make great modern pieces. Everything they produce is genuine, both in quality and in style. The Quoizel West End Tiffany 2-Light Table Lamp stands at a majestic 26 1/2 inches tall, and weighs just under sixteen pounds. It is styled after the classic European glass makers, and the colors of its lamp shade are of a beautiful fall season or Indian summer. With a tip-resistant base and two individual pull-chain light switches, one for each bulb, it retails for about $350 USD. It’s a real beauty. It’s counterpart would be the West End Tiffany 2-Light Floor Lamp. Built in the same manner and style, and standing at five feet tall, it would make a great set if you were to go with this look for your living room or dining room. It retails for $500. Another elegant look is the Quoizel European Angeline Tiffany Table Lamp, reminiscent of stained-glass church windows. It has four lights, two pull-chains, made of a strong resin material, finished in vintage bronze, and stands two feet and one inch high.

One of the most popular items in circulation is the Quoizel European Table Lamp, made from a fine resin material, and standing at thirty inches high. The lamp’s shade is 19″ × 8″, made of hand-painted glass, and features rich green, brown, and gold colors. It is of a majestic floral shape, as is the base of the lamp, which is made of bronze. All items made by Quoizel are of the finest Lenox porcelain, no matter how big or how small the lamp or decorative lighting fixture happens to be. The porcelain finials are designed for each individual lamp exclusively. All the switches and sockets featured on Quoizel’s line of lamps are made of heavy cast brass and are of the best quality. For world-class European artistry and the finest lighting and furnishings, Quoizel is the right choice.

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