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Illinois Skills Match - Illinois Jobs - Take Advantage of Illinois Skills Match!

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Unemployment rates are at their highest levels in decades with the Illinois unemployment rate around 10%. If you have a position open, you’re inundated with applicants some qualified, some not. If you’re searching for a job, you submit your resume along with hundreds of other applicants. We’ve been here before, however, we have such an advantage now! The world wide web is an unbelievable tool with the ability to match skills to applicants in Illinois!

If you’re looking for a job, there are numerous web sites out there that will spit out positions based on location and your key words. However, if you really want to match your skills with the appropriate job, if you’ve wasted enough of your time looking at jobs which you are not interested in, or maybe not qualified for, it’s time to visit Illinois Skills Match (ISM)!

Working in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (EDES) you can register with Illinois Skills Match as an employee, or an employer and get on the fast track to finding that perfect position or employee. This service is free of charge to both the job seeker and those posting positions. When a match is made the appropriate information is conveyed to perspective employees and employers by e-mail, telephone, or US Postal Service.

If you’re looking for a job, you need to set aside about thirty minutes of you time and register with Illinois Skills Match. You will find that building your is the basis for ensuring that the matches generated to your skills are accurate. You will enter your name, social security number, and choose a password. You will then be supplied with a user name that will work with your password and keep all of your information confidential and secure.

Illinois Skills Match will then guide you through the process of building your profile which will include your salary and shift requirements. You will also have an opportunity to provide your education and general skills. Matching your skills to available jobs will begin at this very basic level and build from here! There are seventeen occupational categories to choose from when you build your profile on Illinois Skills Match. This is when you want to be specific regarding your skills and experience. The more specific you can be, the more likely of a great match to a potential employer!

You will find many other services available through Illinois Skills Match to aid you in your search for employment. They offer free computer access to search for jobs, information and guidance for new career paths, helping in creating and updating your resume, help in locating the best places to find jobs, and government resources for training and education. Illinois Skills Match is the one stop you can make that will help ensure your job seeking success by providing information and links to anything you need to succeed in your search.

As an employer seeking new applicants you’ll find Illinois Skills Match will search its database of thousands to match the position, skills, and experience you require. There is no need to look through endless stacks of resumes when you can rest assured that these applicants will meet your requirements! Illinois Skills Match encourages you to very thorough and specific regarding the position you have and the type of applicant you are hoping to find. You are provided with an index of over 83 occupational titles and skills from which to specify. Illinois Skills Match has one of the fastest growing databases of qualified job candidates and is available 24/7!

A win-win situation is achieved for both job seekers and employers at Illinois Skills Match. Take a moment to explore their website and the many avenues of assistance they have to offer. You’ll find that matching skills to employees, and employees to employers is not as difficult as it needs to be! Illinois Skills Match is the perfect tool to put to work for you if you’re looking for a position, or if you’re looking for an employee!

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