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Samsung Printer Cartridges - Samsung Printer Cartridges Offer High Quality Results

toner color printers printing

Samsung printer cartridges are products of Samsung’s Information Technology Division, one of the fastest growing IT companies in the United States. Samsung produces printer toner especially for use in their Samsung printers to ensure the highest quality printing possible for their customers. All of the Samsung printer and toner cartridges come with a 1 year warranty.

Samsung printer cartridges service four types of printers: black and white lasers, black and white multi-function printers, color lasers, and color multi-function models. Each category has a wide variety of printers based on purpose, size, and functionality. These factors affect cartridge choice and cost. Often, the more unique or smaller type of printer, such as the Samsung mini personal color laser printer (CLP-300), requires cartridges more expensive per unit than those required for a more common or larger laser printer such as the CLP-315. The CLP-315 requires color cartridges costing $43.99, whereas the (CLP-300) takes cartridges costing $51.99 each.

A variety of Samsung color printer cartridges are offered. Usually, individual colors of cyan, magenta, and black are available. Two types of value packs are provided: a color value pack including one cartridge each of yellow, cyan and magenta and a two black cartridge value pack.

Due to advanced technology and design, Samsung printing cartridges offer impressive results in printing quality and paper yield. Based on consumer reviews, cartridges produce clear, crisp text documents and vibrant images. Paper yield begins at 1000 pages per cartridge and can range up to 6000 pages depending on the printer and type of cartridge required. Samsung printer cartridges are the smallest and lightest in their class and are produced according to standardized cartridge ISO (international organization for standardization) standards. This allows for easy comparison of toner yields between the different cartridge manufacturers.

Samsung’s technology allows for a more peaceful environment. Less noise and vibration is experienced during the printing process due to the toner color existing in a fixed cartridge mechanism. Samsung cartridges are easy to change. The Samsung official web site promotes a three step process: 1. Open the cabinet, 2. Change the cartridge, 3. Close the cabinet door.

When purchasing Samsung printer cartridges, the genuine product is one option. The OEM (original equipment maker) standard Samsung products are available through Samsung itself or other official Samsung dealers. These are usually the most expensive, but are the genuine high quality toner cartridge. The OEM standard Samsung printer cartridges do have a number of security checks in place for those customers who want to guarantee their purchase of the genuine item. Look at the security label. It changes color from clear to cyan when tilted. The embossed characters are another security element. These colors change between red, gold, and blue when seen from different angles. Finally, a definite texture is sensed when the embossed characters are touched.

Less expensive, remanufactured Samsung printer toner is a second option. High quality parts are taken from used Samsung cartridges and reconstructed into workable cartridges for Samsung printers. The remanufacturing process tests for the strength of the cartridge housing, the integrated nozzle, and the electronic circuits. Next, the drum is replaced and filled with the appropriate ink or toner combination. Suppliers should confirm that their remanufactured Samsung cartridges are tested to guarantee OEM standards and are given a 1 year guarantee.

Purchasing compatible Samsung printing cartridges is the third strategy. These can be significantly less in cost, up to a third of the original price, but you have to shop for the smartest deals. Not all inks are the same, nor are the cartridge technologies always identical, even though 100% compatibility is touted. Therefore, the customer should read the consumer reviews specific to the Samsung compatible model in question, and note the supplier’s information and specifications for the product. 1 year warranties are not uncommon, so make this a personal requirement for purchase.

Samsung provides high quality printer toner for its printers. Samsung emphasizes that its cartridges are especially made for the Samsung printers to guarantee professional results. Although these cartridge costs are not prohibitive, consumers can always opt to consider other close alternatives due to either cost, recycling, or both. Take time to read product reviews and compare before your final purchase.

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