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Lawrence Kansas Hotels - Best Lawrence Kansas Hotels

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Lawrence, Kansas may not be the largest city in the area — it is only the sixth largest city in Kansas — but it is a lively college town and thus filled with activity. Home to two large universities, the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence has a high population of students, particularly those aged 18 – 24. The University of Kansas is home to over 30,000 students, and in a population of just under 100,000, any one age group that size will have a huge impact on the surrounding city. Lawrence, Kansas hotels see a lot of business related to UK, from families attending graduations to sports fans in town for football or basketball games.

You’d think that such a big student population (and a popular college basketball organization) would mean that Lawrence, Kansas hotels were plentiful. Unfortunately for travelers, there just aren’t that many hotels to be found in the city limits. Even more rare are hotels in Lawrence, Kansas that can be considered “nice”. There are plenty of roadside motels (Motel 6, Rodeway Inn, etc) but just a handful of hotels nice enough to warrant a three star review.

Here are the five best Lawrence, Kansas hotels.

1.The Eldridge Hotel

This is considered the best Lawrence, Kansas hotel by locals and visitors alike. The Eldridge has been in business for nearly a hundred years, though the building has been well maintained and renovated to keep it modern and beautiful. Perks like free wi-fi and fancy luxury hotel style beds almost make you forget about the high cost of the rooms. Most of the suites at the Eldridge hotel give you a beautiful view of downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Hotels this nice in small college towns tend to fill up fast, so plan your stay at the Eldridge a few months in advance.

2.The Oread Hotel

Another “it” spot among Lawrence, Kansas hotels, the Oread is relatively new to the scene. You can expect upscale amenities here, including luxury suite style room furnishings, a fancy gym and lounge, and a blend of architectural styles — think European monastery meets cutting-edge sports bar. The Oread’s restaurant is one of the nicest places in town, with a notable wine list and gourmet entrees. Considered a “romantic” location because of the fine dining and beautiful views, the Oread is still reasonably priced, especially considered that it is basically a luxury hotel.

3.Halcyon House Bed and Breakfast

Yes, there are only nine rooms at this Lawrence, Kansas bed and breakfast, but if you’re looking for a cozy stay, free breakfast, and proximity to events at the University of Kansas, a stay at Halcyon House is right up your alley. You can’t stay much closer to the campus — Halcyon House is located literally across the street from two of UK’s residence halls — and you can’t ask for a better reviewed bed and breakfast. People who stay here rave about the large breakfasts and comfortable and quiet sleeping quarters.

4.The Lodge in Baldwin City

Just a twenty minute drive from the University of Kansas, The Lodge in Baldwin City, Kansas offers a comfortable stay in a nice setting for less than you’d pay closer to campus. Lawrence, Kansas hotels tend to be either cheap and uncomfortable or expensive and difficult to book. With an on-site bar and lounge, a beautiful lobby with a wood-burning fireplace, and simple but quiet rooms, a stay at the Lodge is a way to escape the expense of hotels in Lawrence, Kansas and still stay in style.

5. Hampton Inn Lawrence

It may seem weird to put a Hampton Inn on this list of the best Lawrence, Kansas hotels, but in a town with very little in the way of nice hotels, this Hampton Inn may be your last shot at staying in a decent hotel. There’s nothing at this Hampton Inn to set it apart from others in the chain, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A breakfast buffet is a big time saver on vacation, and customers rave about the quality of that breakfast in online reviews. Free parking and free use of the gym facilities means this Lawrence, Kansas hotel won’t cost you an arm and a leg in extras.

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