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Helly Hansen Jackets - How to care for your Helly Hansen Jackets

pocket water wash garment

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian manufacturer of a popular line of waterproof jackets. Helly Hansen jackets are excellent choices for helping you stay dry and warm in wet and cold conditions. The technology used in their outdoor sport jackets is designed to increase your chances of survival and high performance in a variety of outdoor situations, including deep sea dives, mountain climbing, snow boarding, and skiing. In existence for more than a century, the focus of Helly Hansen has been to provide people who work in harsh environments with the waterproof jackets and outer and inner wear they need to not only survive, but thrive. There is a strong emphasis on safety and function in Helly Hansen jackets, and when you wear them, you know you will be better prepared to work in any number of sports and extreme conditions. While Helly Hansen does provide excellent and hardened performance gear, it is still necessary to take care of the gear they provide to ensure it is working and ready when you need it out in the field. The following guide will provide information on how best to care for your Helly Hansen jackets so they can work as hard as you do, whether on the trail, on the slopes, or underwater.

The most common question that arises among people new to Helly Hansen jackets and gear is how they should best wash their garments. In general, you should always follow the specific instructions for cleaning care that will be provided on each garment, as each may have unique needs that should be followed to ensure the garment retains its protective properties after being cleaned.

However, a basic rule of thumb is that garments that are either non water proof or water proof (i.e., non breathable) can safely be washed in a conventional washing machine. Just be sure to use the recommended temperature that will be written on the label of garment care, which is sewn somewhere into the garment.

If the jacket or garment involves an HH Base Layer, you should wash it with a detergent that is mild and at 60 degrees Celsius if it is HH Cool or HH Dry. If it is HH Warm, wash it at 40 Degres Celsius. However, if you have a jacket marked as HH Base Layer, it should be air dried, as a hot dryer used on such garments will lead them to melt, which will render the jacket unusable.

If the jacket is water proof or breathable, such as the Helly Tech jacket, you should use warm water to wash it and also use a technical wash. You can find the recommended temperature of your water proof jacket in the car label located in the garment. Whatever you wash, make sure that all of the fasteners and zippers are closed before washing it, and after washing it, rinse it thoroughly so all residues of detergent are removed. To dry it, put it in the dryer on tumble dry and apply low or medium heat for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Another common question from people new to Helly Hansen jackets and gear involves the best way to pack a jacket back into its pocket once it has been taken out. This procedure becomes easier with practice. First, open the mouth of the particular pocket that goes with the jacket. Usually this will require unzipping some kind of zipper located around the pocket; next, turn the pocket inside out. Find the fabric that is closest to the mouth of the pocket and from there, start to gently push the jacket back into the pocket. It is important to push the fabric all the way into the corners of the pocket, as it is designed to be a tight fit. Once you have completely inserted the entire jacket into the pocket, there should not be much, if any room left in the pocket. From here, you can refasten the zipper, and the jacket will be packed.

A third common question involves people wondering how to make their jackets water proof again after immersion. In such cases, presuming the jacket is clean, you simply need to apply a DWR spray on to the jacket.

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about 3 years ago

My husbands Hedy Hanson jacket is dirty on the cuffs pockets and zippers. HOw do I clean that.. Is there a special solution?