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Isle Of Wight Cottages - Renting a cottage on the Isle of Wight

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The Isle of Wight is warm, sunny island off the south coast of England where rental cottages abound. Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Queen Victoria have lived on the island which contains several castles, a Roman villa and thatched cottages as well as museums, theme parks and internationally renowned music festivals. Most cottages are rented by the week, especially during the busy summer months, but it is possible to find cottages for a shorter period of time.

The Isle of Wight is 23 miles from east to west and 13 miles from north to south, so a beach is never more than about 6 miles away. That being said, prices for cottages are dependent on their proximity to the beach, size, and amenities. It may be possible to find a cottage at the last minute, but most are booked beforehand. Most reserved cottages must be paid for a minimum of six weeks in advance, with a deposit and booking fee paid at the time of reservation. Deposits and booking fees are forfeit if reservations are cancelled.

Many cottages are very large and sleep six or more people. Old Rock Cottage is a four star cottage at Brightstone on the southwest coast. It rents for £649 per week, sleeps 6, and includes heating, electricity and bed linens. This is a thatched cottage that was built in 1701. It is one mile from the coast, and the village is a 15 minute walk. A deposit of £225 per week and a refundable security deposit of £100 are required upon booking.

Glass House is a modern five star cottage right on the beach on the north tip of the Isle of Wight at Cowes. It is a five minute walk from the city centre, sleeps 8 and rents for £2,995 per week. The deposit of £500 per week and a refundable security deposit of £500 are due when booked. Bed linens, towels, a cot (crib), a high chair, heating and electricity are provided.

On the southern tip of the island, near Ventnor, is the Western Lines cottage. It’s a five minute walk from the beach, sleeps 8, and is a 20 minute walk from Ventnor. It rents for £1,295 pr wk with a £225 deposit per week and a £100 refundable security deposit. The house overlooks Steep Hill Cove, which can only be accessed on foot.

Also on the southern tip, south of Ventnor, is a one-bedroom cottage that sleep four at Sonsbeek, in the village of St Lawrence Undercliffe. It rents for £425 per week with a £150 deposit and a £30 booking fee. Electricity, heat, and bed linens are supplied.

The Isle of Wight is only accessible by ferry. There are three ferry routes that sail every half an hour at peak times. Two of the routes, Portsmouth to Fishbourne and Lymington to Yarmouth transport both vehicles and passengers and take about 40 minutes. The Portsmouth to Ryde ferry is for passengers only and takes about 20 minutes. Tickets can be booked ahead of time online or by phone using a major credit card or by cash or credit card on the day of travel, but a £4 administration fee will be charged for most vehicle bookings make in person or by phone. A fuel surcharge of up to £10 per round trip will also be requested if oil costs over $85 a barrel at the time of the trip. Cost for the ferry for two passengers with a vehicle are about £18 each way. Cost for two passengers on foot are about £4 each way. Passengers with vehicles must check in 30 minutes early and passengers on foot must check in 15 minutes early. Tickets can be purchased by a cottage leasing agent as part of a vacation package.

The Isle of Wight has an extensive bus service, and bus passes are available. Bikes can be rented for two days for £25 with children’s bikes, child seats, and panniers also available. The Isle of Wight is a two hour drive from downtown London, or a train can be taken from London to the ferry at Lymington Pier or Portsmouth Harbour.

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