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Wall Candle Sconces - A Short History of Wall Candle Sconces and How They're Used Today

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Wall candle sconces are not a new invention, but, they have been with us in many forms for many centuries. Since man discovered fire, ambient light from flame has been a staple of the home, whether that home was a cave or a castle. Early period sconces were as simple as a wooden torch wrapped in oil-soaked rags that often yielded very high and very dangerous flames. Lots of light, a bit of heat, and a great amount of danger from the flame burning out of control. With the introduction of candles made of tallow or beeswax, something new and functional, very often with ornate decoration, came into being. Wall candle sconces lent themselves not only to the convenience of controlling the lit flame and having a fixture for the candle, but, also led to safer lighting.

Throughout history, no matter the country, no matter the culture, wall candle sconces have lit the way. From safely lighting the way down long, secluded corridors of convents for nuns to attend evening prayer, or illuminating the pathways and bedchambers of midieval kings and queens, candle sconces were there and have been noted in several diary entries by those who have gone long before us. It was considered an honor to have been chosen to construct and design the sconces for royalty. Many Gothic castles and cathedrals had row upon row of them. The designs were as simple or ornate as the residents’ wished and could afford. Of course, there were times when one was expected to “contribute” one’s services and one’s expertise for the good of the realm. Very little pay, if any, could be expected in that case, but, still the artisan did the best that he could, with pride, along with a few grumbles.

Today’s wall candle sconces come in many styles, materials, sizes, and colors. Where the majority of sconces made historically were constructed of iron for the wealthy client and wood for the home of the regular folk, one can expect to see any number of materials used, and in various combinations. Today one can find wall candle sconces made of the same traditional iron or wood, but, one will also find them constructed of steel, sturdy fireproof plastics, wrought aluminum, cast porcelain, and even the crystalline elegance of glass, to name a few. Some wall candle sconces are designed to be used with a glass hurricane lamp sheath to further protect the area where the sconce is hung. One can look in many shops on the internet and in person to find just the right wall candle sconce for their individual need, whether a single item or in pairs or multiples. Whether the purchaser has a set design in mind to complement the style of their furnishings, or is just looking for something with a touch of whimsy and eclecticism, by being patient and looking in many places, one will find what one desires.

Once a person has chosen just the right sconce or sconces for their needs, the next questions are where can they be hung and how. Knowing how to properly and securely hang a wall sconce is the easiest answer. Wherever they’re to be hung, it’s always a good idea to attempt to anchor them into a stud or use a very secure method of hanging, such as toggle or molly bolts. When choosing the proper anchor that goes into the wall, take into consideration the weight and size of the sconce as some can weigh a considerable amount and be fairly large. Taking the time to think out these logistics first lets the homeowner rest assured that the sconce will stay put, thus illiminating most of the fear of having live flame in a room.

Now, where to hang the sconce. Due to the gentle ambient light of the candle in the sconce, one only needs to consider where this type of light would look the best. Whether one chooses either side of a headboard or painting, down a hallway or in a powder-room, one only needs to let their imagination fly. Since wall candle sconces are not only attractive, but romantic and practical as well, they are great additions to any home.

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