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Medical Biller Jobs - How to Get a Medical Biller Job

what is a medical biller? medical biller training coursework will consist of: medical biller schools

In a 2006 publication, Health Care Explosion! under Job Outlook and Employment, it states, “Medical Billing and its related occupations continue to be the fastest growing opportunities in health care. Insurance companies and the government are spending more time and money researching and controlling claims’ fraud, abusive practices, and medical necessity issues. Because of this, insurance companies, doctors, hospital, pharmacies, and other providers are hiring more.”

What is a Medical Biller?

A medical biller is a person who submits claims on the behalf of doctors, hospital, laboratories, and other medical providers. They are responsible for making sure that everyone gets billed and paid correctly. The claims are submitted to insurance companies, government agencies, and Medicare and Medicaid for reimbursement for care provided to patients by medical providers. Collecting money due to a health care provider is the job of the medical biller. If a patient visits a healthcare provider, once the provider has rendered services, the medical biller then gets a superbill (encounter form) that details what services have been provided. A reimbursement form for the insurer is then prepared.

Medical Biller Training

There are many schools that provide training on the functions related to jobs for a medical biller. A high school diploma or GED is generally required for entry into a post-secondary school or community college that offers training courses for medical billing.

Coursework will consist of:

•Health insurance policy – review of types of health insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid, government reimbursement policies, personal injury and worker’s compensation policies.
•Medical Billing Codes – defining and using medical codes such as CPT (current procedural technology) and IDC (International Classification of Disease Coding) codes. These codes are the basis of medical billing and coding.
•Submitting insurance claims – how to post payments, submit, and collect on insurance claims, how to prepare and post electronic and paper claims
•Worker’s Compensation – completing CMS 15 claims for federal workers, appeals and adjudications, filing medical claims, and recognizing fraud and abuse.
•Medical billing software- training on using patient information databases, retrieving reports
•Medical terminology – learning basic medical terms to understand appropriate billing for procedures.

Medical Biller Schools

Many post-secondary education schools offer training for a medical biller’s job. There are also many online courses available. Make sure the programs are accredited and provide an internship program or access to instructors (for online training). Licensed career colleges and community colleges are usually good choices for training.

Medical Biller’s Jobs

In any classified section or online job site there are generally many jobs for medical billers. The medical biller will work in a physician’s office, hospital, laboratory, or other medical facility. There are also companies that handle medical billing for providers, so the jobs may be away from actual medical facilities.

Medical billing is a desk job, working on the computer all day, so good computing and keypad skills are required. Most medical billers work nine to five, unless they are employed by a hospital or large facility with 24-hour operations. For many medical billers, the job is also responsible for office transcription.

Hiring managers will be looking for a person that is dependable, analytic, and able to process information and quickly identify areas of deficiencies. The medical biller’s job is responsible for uncovering any errors in reimbursement and maximizing income for the medical facility. The ideal candidate will also have good communication skills, and be willing to continually train on updates and changes in the medical billing field. Time will be spent talking with insurance companies about reimbursement, so the medical biller should enjoy interacting with people.

There are many work-from-home ads for medical biller jobs. While this is possible, most medical billers who work from home have years of experience and enough good contacts to be able to get enough work. It will take lots of marketing experience in order to bring in the type of work that makes medical billing from home profitable. Beware of any scams that ask for money up front and promise lots of work.

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