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Hotels In Gatlinburg Tn - Hotels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee--So Many Choices!

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One of the most popular vacation spots in the United States is, without a doubt, the Great Smoky Mountains area in Tennessee and North Carolina. In fact, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most-visited National Park in the United States, probably because it is within driving distance for about 1/3 of the country’s population, and it offers free admission. It is a most beautiful place with abundant wildlife, waterfalls, hiking trails, and wildflowers galore.

Should you decide to vacation in the Smokies, an excellent place to stay is Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This small town, nestled into the side of Mount Le Conte, is charming in every respect. There are numerous accommodations, and while there are several chain hotels, there are also many privately owned hotels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that are not of the cookie cutter variety.

When planning a trip to Gatlinburg, be sure to comparison-shop for hotel rates. An easy way to do that is online, but also pay attention to any word-of-mouth advice that you may come by. Often, the cheapest deal is not the best one. There are hotels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee to suit every budget, but if you are looking for a super-elegant, outrageously expensive one, you probably won’t find it here. This just isn’t a Waldorf or Ritz-Carlton kind of town. At any rate, before booking you may want to check reviews from trusted sources, such as TripAdvisor, or Hotel.com.

Also, you need to take into account your own needs and wants. For example, some people love being in busy, crowded places, in the thick of the action. A hotel on the Parkway in Gatlinburg would certainly fill the bill in this case. Others may prefer being on the edge of town, where the atmosphere is quieter and not so hectic. There are certainly good hotels in both places, but you need to decide what is right for you. Do you need a place that will take pets? Some of them do, but be sure to check, first.

Some of the more economical hotels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that seem to generally get good reviews, include the Mountain House Motor Inn Downtown (around $70 per night), Fabulous Chalet Inn (about $80 per night), Carr’s Northside Cottages and Motel ($70 per night), and the Econo Lodge Inn ($50-$90 per night). Sidney James Mountain Lodge($80 per night), River Terrace Resort and Convention Center (about $90 a night), and the Riverhouse at the Park ($60 per night) are also budget-friendly. Of course, these prices vary with the seasons, and do not include tax. Also, this is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are so many places to stay in Gatlinburg.

Two less expensive hotels are perhaps worth special mention. They both get consistently good reviews on several sites. The Marshall’s Creek Rest Motel is family-owned, clean, and within walking distance to the Parkway. The bathrooms have been redone recently, and the décor is reminiscent of a simpler time. The highest rate they charge is $52 per night, but because they have so many repeat customers, it is hard to get a reservation. Another popular place is the Jack Huff Motor Inn. The central location is great, but it is far enough off the Parkway so the noise is minimal. Huge flat screen TV’s, friendly staff, large rooms, and a pool with a slide—what more could you want? You can stay here for $50-$100 per night.

If you don’t mind paying a bit more for your lodging, you might consider some of these Gatlinburg, Tennessee hotels that also have consistently good ratings: Bearskin Lodge (around $180 per night), Buckhorn Inn ($130-$160 per night), Clarion Inn and Suites (about $100 per night), and Best Western Zoders’ Inn ($130-$150 per night). These could be considered medium-priced, although it’s important to check to be sure that they have the amenities that you want.

If you desire an absolutely fabulous view, and that is of the utmost importance to you, make a reservation at the Park Vista Hotel, which is now the Park Vista Doubletree Hotel. Every room has a rounded balcony from which you can enjoy the amazing view. The rooms are very large, but construction is still going on, and so the reviews are mixed. The food at the on-site restaurant gets mixed reviews, also. Hopefully, the new Hilton ownership will help this develop into a truly spectacular hotel. Presently, the rates seem to be on the low side ($105-$175 per night), but that may change once construction is complete.

If you crave quaintness and nostalgia, then you must stay at the Gatlinburg Inn. This hotel is undoubtedly the most famous one in Gatlinburg. The guest list has included Dinah Shore, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Lady Bird Johnson, among others. The Tennessee State Song, “Rocky Top,” was written in Room 388 by a married couple, Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. The Inn also appeared in an Ingrid Bergman movie, “A Walk in the Spring Rain.” Unfortunately, the reviews are mixed in reference to this hotel. Some say it needs updating, some complain of a musty smell, and there are restrictions on who can stay there. Motorcyclists are definitely not welcome, and if you’re an unmarried couple, you have to stay in separate rooms! Sound a bit like the Dark Ages? The rates here run about $140-$160 per night.

There are a few pricier places to stay in Gatlinburg, to include mostly timeshares that are up for rental, and mountain chalets. Usually real estate companies handle these, although some of them can be booked online. When looking for hotels in Gatlinburg,Tennessee, you can access a wealth of information simply by typing in “Gatlinburg Hotels,” in Yahoo or Google. No matter where you choose to stay, the glitz, wonder and beauty of this small mountain town, and the Smokies, will provide you with many fabulous vacation memories.

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