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Car Insurance Import - How To Get Good Rates For Car Insurance On Imported Vehicles

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Car insurance on imported cars can be tricky, especially for drivers who have only bought car insurance on domestic cars in the past. There are several important considerations for imported vehicles that drivers need to take into account in order to get solid coverage that protects a vehicle without overpaying for unnecessary coverages and add-ons.

Imported cars can be insured through standard car insurance providers, and as with any other type of insurance, a good first step is to look for as many car insurance quotes as possible before selecting a certain policy. This helps to drive down the cost of a policy, and can help a driver develop an understanding of the average cost of car insurance for his vehicle. Imported cars often cost more to insure, as they tend to be more expensive than domestic vehicles. However, insurance rates will vary greatly for any imported vehicle when a driver takes the time to look at several insurance providers.

Drivers should be careful to look for insurers offering similar amounts of coverage when making comparisons, and it’s also a good idea to carefully read each car insurance quote, or at least the top three or four quotes. Read about exclusions, and be sure that you understand what will be covered in the event of an accident. In particular, read sections of each policy that relate to comprehensive coverage, and make sure that all repairs to your imported vehicle will be covered in the event of an accident. If possible, try to find replacement coverage, as this will help you to avoid any long disputes with your insurance company if you’re involved in an extremely serious accident which “totals” your imported vehicle. Some insurance companies offer this type of coverage, although may do not. If you can find replacement coverage, be sure to read the terms of the agreement and understand how it works. Replacement coverage is often tied to vehicle depreciation, but you’ll want to ensure that if your imported car actually goes up in value, your policy’s replacement value will increase as well.

Many imported vehicles are customized or have special custom parts, and if this is the case with your car, you’ll need special custom parts and equipment coverage. This coverage can be somewhat complex, but it’s not too expensive when purchased from the right insurer. Custom parts and equipment coverage will take care of replacement and repair costs for any permanent fixtures added to your vehicle after it left the factory, for instance, wheels, rims, chrome, etc. If your car is a factory model, you probably don’t need this special type of coverage.

Talk to your insurance agent and make sure that you understand every aspect of your coverage. You’ll want to make sure that if you’re involved in any sort of accident, repairs will use factory parts rather than generic replacements. Many states have made it against the law for an insurance company to force generic parts on its customers, so it might also be a good idea to brush up on state insurance law by calling or emailing your insurance commissioner.

When you gather quotes, use online car insurance quote comparison websites to make sure that you’re getting a good deal on your imported vehicle’s coverage. Be sure to check out as many insurance providers as you can, and don’t necessarily choose the one that offers the lowest rates possible. Instead, look for a trustworthy car insurance provider that has received high customer service rankings.

Check imported car forums for suggestions, and if you have any friends with imported cars, ask them who they use for car insurance. This may seem like a lot of work at first, but in the long run, some research will help you to drive with confidence knowing that you’re paying an appropriate price for a reasonable amount of imported car insurance. Imported cars can be a great purchase, but keeping them protected is extremely important.

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