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Cross Pen Set - Ideas for Gifting a Cross Pen Set

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One of the oldest and fine companies that produce writing instruments is the A.T. Cross Company. For 158 years it has evolved to produce not only writing products that are innovative, but also other related products as well, such as timepieces, planners, journals, reading glasses, and other personal accessories. Richard Cross, a pen and pencil maker founded the company. Later, the company was sold to an employee named Walter Boss, who led the company to what it has become today. Its headquarters are located in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

One of the most popular products is a Cross Pen Set. These sets have been a favorite of many individuals throughout the years, for either personal or professional use. They are stylish and make the perfect gift for anyone. Whether you present a cross pen set to a young journalist, a teenager who loves to write in her diary, the CFO of a company, your boss, or a writer, this type of gift will always be welcomed.

Cross pen sets come in many styles and prices. Some of the classic colors are gold, silver, black, and gray. The instruments will have a narrow, medium, or wide girth, and they can be of light, medium, or heavy weight, rollerball or ballpoint, to make the writing experience more catered to the user’s preferences.

These writing sets include a pen and pencil, or a pen and matching key ring. They come as fine quality writing instruments in 14K or 10K gold filled- rolled gold, 18K pure gold, lustrous chrome, matte chrome, two-tone chrome and black. Other sets include a pen and pencil in a mahogany, cherry or walnut base, in either 10K or chrome. The beauty and elegance of these sets make them the perfect gift.

Pricing on these sets varies, starting at around $35 for a Classic Century Cross pen set which includes a lustrous chrome pen and matching key ring, and up to a solid 18K yellow gold pen and pencil set retailing for around $2800. 14K and 10K gold filled sets retail for over a hundred and up. These sets come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee and a premium gift box. You can customize your order to achieve the perfect gift by choosing the finish in some pieces, and engraving.

Cross has come up with many new collections to cater to any taste and keep up with the times. Some collections have exciting colors or designs. Some of these collections come in a Cross pen set, or even in fountain style. To mention some – Affinity Collection with vivid colors, Apogee collection in haberdashery finishes and considered couture, the Colors Collection, in many fun colors such as pink, the Masquerade Collection in Art Noveau designs and colors, the Sauvage Collection in animal and exotic prints, the Sentiment Collection, with interchangeable charms and in classic colors of red, black and ivory, and the Tech3 Collection, which lets you switch from black ink to red ink to pencil, with the twist of the barrel, and also comes in many colors with emblems like the claddagh, a bass, and others. There are many other collections to choose from to find the perfect gift for that special person.

All these collections are done in a tasteful and fine design of high quality and looks. Whether the Cross pen set costs $35 or more than that, the fine quality and beauty are not sacrificed in this case.

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