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Fort Collins Condos - Fort Collins Condos For Affordable Variety

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Fort Collins, in northern Colorado, is a vibrant place to live! If planning a condo purchase, there couldn’t be a better time. A variety of sizes, styles, and locations are currently available. Furthermore, it is interesting to observe that Fort Collins condos experienced a small price decline over the first quarter of 2010; the average price then, $145,000, corresponded to $131 per square foot.

What does the city offer for those looking to purchase Fort Collins condos as investments or personal residences? Without a doubt, regional beauty and a high regard for nature must be recognized. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 5,000 feet, Fort Collins has been part of the history of the American West since founded as a military fort in 1864. Incorporated as a city in 1873, it has grown over the years to a cultural and business center, the fifth most populous city in Colorado, and the administrative seat for Larimer County. Its present day estimated population is around 138,000, and it’s enjoyed an annual population growth rate of about 1.4%. Home to Colorado State University, some 48% of the population is college educated, and a median age of 29.4 prevails.

When comparing Fort Collins condos, it’s apparent that favorable future values would accompany most purchases. As the community continues to become more urban and very forward looking, residents have resoundingly approved initiatives for improvements and upgrades. These have not been insignificant and have included the building of Gateway Natural Area, Edora Skate Park, the Downtown Transit Center, and the Civic Center parking structure, to name a few. Energy conservation conscious, Fort Collins’ electric generating system is not only Colorado’s second largest, but it was among the nation’s first to offer green energy to customers.

With a multitude of recreational facilities and over 5,000 acres of natural areas, this city manages to keep the outdoors alive and part of daily living while not impeding progress in business, educational, and cultural pursuits. Twenty miles of off-street hiking and biking trails contrast nicely with 18 bus routes and a corporate and private airport, Fort Collins-Loveland, which also accommodates numerous charter flights. Clearly, Money magazine was “on target” naming Fort Collins as the 6th best place to live in the nation. That honor, among many others, speaks volumes when paired with its recognition by Forbes, April 2010, as the 4th best place for business and careers. Indicative of this, was its 2009 ranking by Next Generation Consulting, among cities from 100,000-200,000, as first in which to live and work for young professionals.

What price expectations should buyers entertain for Fort Collins condos? As with any real estate purchase, traits like exact location, age, and convenience affect pricing. However, some general conclusions may be drawn. For a smaller condo, 1,000 square feet and under, one should expect to find either one or two bedrooms without paying more than $100,000. For instance, a one-bedroom, one-bath, with 500 square feet, might be purchased for $75,000, while a two-bedroom and bath, at 1,000 square feet, would signal the high 90’s.

Jumping up to 1200-2000 square feet would entail a range of $150,000 to $200,000, although besides the additional space, there might be an attached garage, or minimally, a parking space. With all condos, monthly association fees must also be considered, with larger condos commanding about $175 per month. Numerous bargains exist, however, often influenced by length of market time. So, it would not be surprising to find a roomy, two-story, 3200 square-foot-plus condo with two car garage, 3 baths, and a basement, for $235,000.

When considering a real estate purchase in Fort Collins, condos are an excellent choice for singles or small families wishing to do something more investment-worthy than rent. Condos are also a smart choice for retirees looking to downsize and spend more time enjoying life than tackling home maintenance. As Fort Collins offers thriving downtown shopping and restaurants, inspiring visual and performing arts at Lincoln Center, a well maintained library system, and a museum detailing city history from prehistoric to current times, there are countless activities for young and old alike. In addition to the natural outdoor amenities, the only way to see and do everything else this lovely city has to offer might be to live there!

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