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Parking Newcastle Airport - How To Park At Newcastle Airport

stay lots located terminal

Newcastle International Airport serves the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the surrounding area. It is officially one of the twelve busiest airport in the UK. Served by more than 20 airlines that offer flights to more than 50 destinations worldwide, Newcastle International Airport is a major hub for air travel in Northern England. Several million passengers use the airport every year, and there are various methods of transportation to arrive here.

Getting to Newcastle International Airport is easy by several means. First of all, the airport has a rail station that is located along the Green Line of the Tyne and Wear Metro. This allows for easy connections to the city centre and other important local stops. There are also several buses that serve the airport, which stop right near the terminals.
Of course, there are also taxis and car rentals available at the airport.

Since Newcastle International Airport is located in a rural environment that is about 7 miles northwest of the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne, driving to the airport is a popular form of transportation. The airport is officially located along road A696, which connects to A1, a major route that runs throughout most of England. Another local road that serves the airport is B6918.

Having a countryside setting, Newcastle Airport has plenty of parking spaces available for arriving automobiles. Whether there is a need to park the car for only a few minutes or for more than a week, there is the right parking option for any use. The rural surroundings have made it possible for the parking lots to be built right near the airport terminal. All of the parking spaces are literally within walking distance from the airport terminal. In some large airports, the parking lots are located far away from the terminals, and therefore this requires shuttle buses for ground transportation.

Newcastle Airport offers several car parking options including short stay, medium stay, long stay, and express. These four options are suitable for every situation, making the process of arriving at the airport by car very convenient.

Newcastle Airport’s short stay parking lots are located directly outside the entrance of the terminal. This is the best option for anyone who needs to park their car anywhere between a few minutes for up to 24 hours. The fee for short stay parking increases disproportionately after every hour until it reaches a fixed rate after a certain time period. For example, the fee for 16 hours may be the same as the price for 24 hours. The fee for 3 hour parking may be double that of a 1 hour use.

Medium stay parking lots in Newcastle Airport are very similar to short term parking. The only difference is that the medium stay option is actually free for the first 15 minutes. Otherwise, the fees are very similar in both parking spaces. The medium stay parking is also smaller in size, so there are less parking spaces available.

A very popular form of parking is the express option. This parking lot is situated the closest to the terminal, allowing for the most convenient and quickest access for picking up and dropping off passengers. The express parking lot does not use any tickets or tariffs to collect payments from drivers. Rather, there is a camera system that keeps track of the cars that enter the parking lot, and then a fee is requested and collected when the car exits. The parking rates here are charged based on every 15 minutes, and it is rare for cars to stay longer than an hour.

Long stay parking is the ideal choice for those who need to leave their cars at Newcastle International Airport for more than a day. This is the largest parking lot, and it is also located the farthest from the terminal. However, it is still within comfortable walking distance from the terminal. Parking fees are typically charged by the day, and the increments in prices are very small and affordable.

All parking lots in Newcastle Airport have clear signs indicating where each type of lot is located. Additionally, the parking lots offer wheelchair assistance as well as other special help upon request from customer service. Drivers who leave their cars at Newcastle Airport are assured full security, as the parking lots use video surveillance equipment as well as actual patrols. Drivers can call the airport to find quotes and make reservations for parking.

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