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Swimming Pools Fiberglass - The Benefits and Drawbacks of Swimming Pools of Fiberglass Construct

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Swimming pools of fiberglass construct are the perfect addition to any home, as they will increase your property value, stimulate family togetherness and provide a fun way to stay physically fit and healthy. Fiberglass swimming pools differ from concrete or vinyl pools in a variety of ways that will be explored in this article. Families or individuals that choose to invest in swimming pools of fiberglass construct should fully educate themselves as to the benefits and possible drawbacks that fiberglass pools present before deciding if it is the best possible option.


Concrete swimming pools can take between 8-12 weeks to install and require the hire of several different subcontractors. Vinyl pools take between 2-3 weeks to install and require fewer subcontractors than concrete pools but still require at least three to get the job done right. Swimming pools of fiberglass construct take only between 5-13 days to install and do not generally require the use of subcontractors at all. This fact alone is a strong consideration when deciding which pool type to install in your home, as fiberglass pools are significantly quicker and easier to install than either concrete or vinyl pools.

In addition, swimming pools of fiberglass construct typically come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that you will only have to invest in your fiberglass pool one time for the rest of your time at any given property. However, concrete pools are generally guaranteed for between 1-5 years, depending on the agreement arrived upon by you and your contractor. Vinyl pools are typically only guaranteed when it comes to the liner seams and not any other aspect of the pool, whatsoever. Therefore, swimming pools of fiberglass construct offer you the premium benefit of being fully guaranteed for life.

Swimming pools of fiberglass construct require only about ½ hour of maintenance per week, while concrete pools require approximately 4-5 hours of maintenance a week and vinyl pools require between 2-3 hours of weekly maintenance. Again, swimming pools of fiberglass construct far outweigh pools made of other materials in terms of maintenance. This is to your benefit, as it allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool, your family and your life.


While there are a number of significant benefits associated with the installation of swimming pools of fiberglass construct, there are also a few possible drawbacks to consider. For instance, individuals that install fiberglass swimming pools are limited to pre-made manufacturer models. This may be a drawback for individuals or families that had their heart set on a unique pool design that is a bit ‘out of the box’. Concrete pools, on the other hand, can be made into any design form that strikes your fancy.

In addition, while some may consider it a benefit that swimming pools of fiberglass construct come with pre-installed stairs and seating areas, this may represent a drawback for individuals or family that want more control over the design scheme of their pools. For these individuals, concrete pools provide a better option, though the inclusion of stairs and seating areas is considered an ‘extra’ and will increase the overall cost of a concrete pool installation.

One drawback to swimming pools of fiberglass construct that is not typically discussed is the fact that when it comes to draining your pool for a season of non-use, you must hire a professional to do the job for you, which represents a recurring additional expense. The necessity of hiring professional fiberglass pool drainers lies in the fact that the water pressure in fiberglass pools must be maintained at all times to keep the fiberglass from cracking. When water is drained, a constant and balanced ground pressure must be maintained in order to avoid damage to your fiberglass pool. Concrete and vinyl pools do not require this sort of recurring professional service and this fact should be considered when deciding whether swimming pools of fiberglass construct are the best option for you and your family.

The benefits and drawbacks associated with swimming pools of fiberglass construct leave consumers with a lot to think over. You would be wise to call several different pool contractors in order to discuss the various options available to you at to decipher whether swimming pools of fiberglass construct are your best choice.

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