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Detroit Metro Airport Parking - Detroit Metro Airport Parking is Quick and Convenient

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When traveling, there are a million things that one must worry about. One must buy airplane tickets, make hotel reservations, plan the trip’s itinerary… The last thing that one wants to worry about with so many other concerns on his or her plate is what to do with their car while one is away. Leaving a car at home or at a sketchy parking lot can be immensely dangerous, and many people fear the high costs that are commonly associated with parking one’s car directly at the airport. However, travelers in Detroit need have no fear. Detroit Metro Airport Parking has been made quick, easy, and inexpensive so that vacationers can focus on their destination rather than worry about what is going on at home.
Remarkably, one can leave his or her car directly at the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot for just ten dollars per day. The airport’s “1-2-3 Credit Card In/ Credit Card Out” program enables travelers to quickly bring their vehicles into the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot, no tickets required. The Detroit Metro Airport parking lot consists of two covered parking garages plus an additional lot for a combined total of over 19,000 parking spaces. These three individual parking locations, the Big Blue Deck, the McNamara Terminal Parking Structure, and the Yellow Lot are specialized to provide the utmost convenience for travelers according to the airline they are flying on.
The Big Blue Deck is very close to the North Terminal (serving Air Canada, American Airlines, AirTran Airways, Lufthansa, Southwest Airlines, United, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Frontier Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and all charters), and the North Terminal can be accessed from the Big Blue Deck by an enclosed pedestrian walkway. A free shuttle service can additionally transport travelers from the Big Blue Deck to the McNamara Terminal Ground Transportation Center. A covered pedestrian walkway links the McNamara Terminal Parking Structure directly to the McNamara Terminal (serving Delta, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Air France). The Yellow Lot services both terminals and features thousands of parking spaces on its surface-level lot.
If one were to investigate other parking lots that are nearby the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot but are unaffiliated with it, one would discover that these parking lots cost either the same price that the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot charges (ten dollars per day) or, in some cases, twice as much! It would be ludicrous to park one’s car at one of these outside parking lots. Parking directly at the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot ensures the car’s safety, as this lot is closely guarded and monitored. It also provides great convenience to travelers. One can find a Detroit Metro Airport parking lot space that is nearby whichever terminal they are leaving from. Especially considering that the price of leaving one’s car at the Detroit Metro Airport parking lot is either equal to or less expensive than the price of using a potentially unsafe outside lot, there really is no reason to leave one’s car elsewhere.
Vacationing is always a fun and exciting activity, but its planning comes with numerous stresses as well. Luckily, travelers leaving from the Detroit Metro Airport have no need to worry about where to leave their vehicle. Detroit Metro Airport parking is speedy, accessible, and virtually carefree.

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