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St Paul Homes For Sale - Finding Homes for Sale in St. Paul

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Nestled in the Southern section of Ramsey County, St. Paul serves as the county seat to this small, yet densely populated county. St. Paul rests on the Northern bank of the Mississippi River and covers approximately 52 square miles, more than three miles of that covered in water. When you’re searching St. Paul homes for sale, you’ll want to take a close look at the various well known neighborhoods. Depending on your criteria, you’ll easily be able to narrow down your search area and you’re sure to find an abundance of homes for sale in St. Paul that will fit your needs.

Starting your search in the Downtown neighborhood you can find the vintage bungalow at a very affordable price, or go all out and indulge in a new, modern condo! Downtown St. Paul has homes for sale that could be fit into any budget! Though the average home price in this neighborhood may be considered low, the range of home prices is dramatic.

Jump the river and you’ll find yourself immersed in the West Side, the original gateway for newcomers to Minnesota. Most housing in this area was constructed in the 1880s through the 1920s. You will find however, a few modern homes and apartment buildings that were more recently constructed. Homes for sale in this St. Paul neighborhood average about $ 85,500; however you could spend considerably more depending on your needs.

The neighborhoods east of downtown offer a variety of housing opportunities. Sunray and Dayton’s Bluff areas of St. Paul offer homes for sale in a wide range of prices. Opportunities for a small bungalow in Dayton’s Bluff can be found at very reasonable prices, or you can splurge for a larger lot on Pigs Eye Lake!

Northern St. Paul offers a variety of homes for sale in a multiple neighborhoods and price ranges. From the Greater East Side west to the North-End neighborhood the average home sale prices remain fairly constant, however you can find investment homes priced from under $ 20,000 to well over $ 200,000. The north-east neighborhoods of Como and St. Anthony both boast some higher average home prices thanks in part to Lake Como and St. Anthony’s larger lots, hills, and winding streets.

Homes for sale in St. Paul’s neighborhoods west of downtown may average under $ 100,000, however, like most other St. Paul areas, there are investment opportunities under $ 50,000 as well as $ 700,000 single family homes. Many historic homes from the late 1800s can still be found, especially in the Summit-University area, while the Hamline-Midway neighborhood has many homes that were built from the 1910s through the 1930s.

If you head south west of the downtown area, along the Mississippi River you’ll encounter the West Seventh and Highland neighborhoods. West Seventh was actually one of the first areas to be settled in St. Paul. Homes for sale in this neighborhood can be found reasonably price, however, just a block or so north in the Summit Hill neighborhood you’ll find large historic homes for sale in excess of a million dollars! Stunning homes, but not in everybody’s budget when they’re searching homes for sale in St. Paul!

The farthest neighborhood to the south west from Downtown is Highland Park. This area was primarily farm land until 1924 when Ford opened a plant there. Homes for sale in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul aren’t as budget friendly, but can still provide numerous opportunities! The budget conscious can go with an $ 80,000 duplex, or move up to a modest three bedroom single family for $ 300,000. Splurging isn’t out of the question with some of the beautiful homes for sale in this neighborhood!

Regardless of the area you choose when looking at St. Paul homes for sale you will relish in the historic architecture, enjoy the views of the city, and the beauty of any of the numerous lakes and parks. There are endless opportunities with the wealth of homes for sale in St. Paul. Whether you find yourself in a converted warehouse loft downtown, or in a family friendly lake side neighborhood, you’ll always be at home in St. Paul!

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