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Rowing Exercise Machine - Get a Full Body Workout with a Rowing Exercise Machine

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Rowing exercises are low impact movements that strengthen and develop the joints and muscles of the upper back, the shoulders, the legs, and the arms. These are compound movements involving both arms and legs, and multiple joints at the same time. This means that rowing is a complete body exercise. Rowing exercises simulate the movement of controlling a boat or similar watercraft, hence, the name. These exercises are done during cardiovascular workouts, muscle and strength building sessions, or both.

A rowing exercise machine is a gym or home exercise equipment designed to enhance the benefits of rowing exercises or to help the individual in performing the movements as accurately and efficiently as possible, thereby lessening the risks of injury while maximizing the workout gains. Studies demonstrate that compared to other compound movement exercises such as squats and bench presses, a rowing exercise done in an appropriate equipment engages more than 80% of the muscles in the entire body in a single movement. This translates to great physical training efficiency and fitness gains.

Typically, a rowing machine consists of a gear or flywheel attached to a cable or chain and a handle. When a rower pulls on the handle while pushing his or her body backwards with the feet, the flywheel turns causing resistance. Either the wheel mechanism moves back and forth as the individual rows, or the entire machine remains fixed as the rower’s body moves. Another design consists of a pulley-and-weights contraption. The rower performs the exercise by sitting and reaching over for the handle, pulling on the weight as he or she comes to an upright position while completing the rowing motion with the hands, then reversing the movement to the starting position.

When performing rowing exercises, people sometimes become susceptible to injury as a result of doing the movements improperly. In particular, the lower back becomes prone to strain and resulting soreness when a rower bends too far forward or stretches to far backward when simulating the rowing motion. A rowing exercise machine is designed to lessen this possibility by limiting the range of motion to safe spans.

Aside from standard sizes and contours that follow ergonomically sound exercise equipment design, the frame, handles, fittings, and the general built of a rowing exercise machine makes it ideal as indoor equipment. The silver or chrome plated finish of the frame, for instance, protects it from rust, and the cushioned seats and rounded edges make for comfortable and safe usage.

Done accurately and regularly, rowing exercises tone all the major muscle groups in the body while providing enough resistance and rhythm for a satisfactory cardiovascular workout, making this type of exercise invaluable in any form or aim of physical training. In fact, regular sessions in a rowing exercise machine are often included in the training of athletes for actual rowing competitions.

Rowing exercise machines are available in well-stocked local fitness or sports equipment stores. There are also numerous online retailers that offer reasonable prices in addition to attractive purchase options such as discounted or sale prices, free shipping, and the like. The top brands are Stamina, Champion, WaterRower, Kettler, and a few others.

When it comes to total fitness, a well-planned workout routine that combines a variety of muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercises is ideal. However, in the absence of several independent machines or in case of lack of time for a full workout, a rowing exercise machine can provide an excellent alternative, as it combines all the benefits of various isolation exercises into easy rowing movements that are no less effective.

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