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Long Term Rental Car - Benefits of using a rental car long term

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There are many occasions in life which make the use of a rental car an excellent choice for transportation. Family vacations, business trips, internships, looking for a home in a new location, or test driving a vehicle you’ve considered buying all qualify as such a time. The convenience of being able to travel wherever you want whenever you want is a great freedom most Americans enjoy. Although in most places there is the option of taking public transportation: buses, subways, taxis, shuttles, this can oftentimes become a huge expense especially when required over a long period of time. Having personally spent a great deal of time around the country, I know how expensive cab rides can be. Going out for an evening meal using a cab can add over $20 to the cost. If you are going to be in an area for an extended period of time, two weeks or greater, a long term rental car can be an excellent option.
Many rental agencies provide discounts for long term rentals. Recently a friend of mine spent a month in Hawaii, and after searching for a few weeks through various sites on the internet, he drove away with an incredibly low price on a rental car, $9 a day. Although prices that low are extremely rare, depending on the location, time of year, and demand, good deals are to be found especially if you have the time to look around before making the reservation. Perhaps thinking about some of the following items will help you insure you have a great experience.
The first consideration is determining what type of vehicle you will need. If it is just you traveling and you will be covering a lot of mileage, perhaps a fuel efficient compact or sub-compact is all you want. However, you may not like the ride quality of a smaller car or the additional road noise, so you may consider a mid-sized or full-sized car. If you are traveling with others on a ski trip, then the size of a large suv may be the best choice to haul all of your luggage and ski equipment. Make sure you look around to see what each rental company offers for vehicles. Sometimes there are special offers on new types of vehicles or a rental company may receive an exclusive deal from a car manufacturer to showcase a new product, typically a sports car or luxury vehicle. This can be an excellent opportunity if you were considering purchasing one of these new vehicles to try it out for a few days before making the purchase.
Another important consideration, perhaps the most important, is the insurance coverage. Many people waffle as to whether they should buy the rental car companies insurance policy or use their own. This is an important decision as it could help you to avoid major costs should you become involved in an accident. The best way to start is by calling your current insurance provider. Ask them what is covered under your current policy for collision, liability, and medical. One little known fact with many car rental companies is that they will charge you for the days their vehicle is not available for rent due to the accident, whether it was your fault or not. Usually this bill will not be covered by your insurance company, and unfortunately, will probably be charged at the highest daily rate. This may make buying the insurance provided through the rental company worth the cost for the peace of mind, but before you make that decision, there is another phone call that needs to be made.
Since most, if not all, rentals are going to be made on a credit card, check with your credit card company to see whether they offer any insurance protection for your rental. Many times they do, or if not, there is insurance available for purchase. This can be a good costs savings option compared to the rate the rental car will be charging. Choose your insurance carefully, make sure you are aware of all the fine print, and make the decision that works best for your peace of mind and pocketbook.
Lastly, if you are traveling with children, many rental car companies will rent car seats. In my experience, it is always much cheaper to bring your own, and if you are flying to your pick-up location, the car seat can be used on the airplane as well. But check with the rental company, and on a long term rental, they may cut you a great deal.
In summary, look around for the car and price that works for you, and make sure your insurance is adequate to cover you should anything happen. A long term car rental can provide great freedom, so choose wisely, and enjoy the ride.

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