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Register Com Domain - How to Choose and Registeer a .com Domain Name

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The Internet is made up of websites and their URLs. The URL of the website typically includes the name of the website in addition to one of various domain extensions such as.com, .net, .info, .org and so on, which make up the entire domain name of the website. Registering a .com domain is probably one of the easiest things a website master could do, though choosing an exact name of the website to go with the “.com” portion may not be. Registering a .com domain name requires thought and innovation because ever since the first domain name was registered, businesses and webmasters everywhere have scooped up almost every .com name in existence.

Registering a domain takes two simple, but important, steps. First, the website owner needs to put some serious thought into what he wants the name of the website to be. To attract customers or other traffic to the website, for example, websites selling a service such as a lawyer reference website, the site owner might want to register the website name “ILoveLawyers.com.”

However, someone else may already own this URL and since only one registration of a domain name is possible, the site owner needs to choose a different name. The thing about URLs is that even if a simple name is taken, adding a hyphen or underscore can change the name just enough that it can be registered, but retain the name’s meaning. For example, the “ILoveLawyers.com” could turn into “I_Love_Lawyers.com”; it retains the meaning of the original name, but is different enough that the website owner can still register the .com domain.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a domain name to register is that the name must be easy to remember while retaining its meaning. For example, if a website is giving away free coupons and other freebies, the site owner may want to name the site “GiveAwayFreeStuff.com”; however, while this name is descriptive of what goes on at the site, it is long and probably difficult for some to remember. On the other hand, a name such as “FreeStuff.com’ would be easier to remember, but still tells the visitor what to expect when visiting the website.

The site owner may also want to choose a versatile website name. A generic name that gives away no information at all about the site would be easy to remember, but the site owner could sue it for anything. For example, the generic site name of “SellStuff.com” is versatile enough to use with any business selling something, but generic enough that it is still easy to remember.

After choosing the perfect name to register a .com domain under, the site owner needs to choose a web hosting company. Yes, a site owner could simply register a .com domain, but it does the domain name owner no good without a website to use with it. A hosting company will not only register the name, but in doing so, it also reserves the Internet space needed to accommodate the domain name.

Additionally, using a hosting company offers other abilities and features that a webmaster needs to run his business. For example, some hosting companies offer to register .com domain names free of charge when the owner registers the domain name in conjunction with the purchase of certain hosting packages. Some of the packages can include free email, unlimited bandwidth, website templates, unlimited server and storage space and more. The web hosting company that registers a .com domain name is important to any business because the company and its features is what gives the website its functionality.

Registering a domain name is more then just paying the bill. It is a test of ingenuity and innovation, not to mention a test of wits. If a site owner chooses the wrong name, it could wreak havoc on the business and its website traffic, which can in turn lose customers and sales. However, choosing the right name to register for a .com domain can help a site owner reap the rewards of online marketing and sales.

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