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Pentagon Credit Union - Banking Anywhere, Anytime with Pentagon Credit Union Online Banking

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Pentagon Credit Union, one of America’s largest credit unions, features robust tools to make online banking easier and more convenient. Pentagon credit union offers membership to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families as well as members of armed forces-supporting organizations. Pentagon Credit Union members enjoy access to a wide array of financial products and services not available to commercial banking customers. Members in the United States and around the world can access their accounts online, by mobile phone and through a network of cooperating banking institutions.

24/7 Deposits
Pentagon Credit Union rolled out PedFed Online 5.0 which allows members to deposit checks up to $5000 dollars simply by scanning checks and submitting to them to the credit union through a secure Internet connection. The check scan feature is especially convenient for Pentagon Credit Union members located outside the Washington, D.C. area. Members are able to deposit checks and access funds without having to deposit checks by snail mail. Pentagon Credit Union members should be advised that they must have a high-speed Internet connection as well as a computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system in order to use check scan.

Pentagon Credit Union Mobile Access
More and more Americans are choosing to use their smartphones, rather than clunky computers, to access the Internet. Because many commercial banks do not yet offer customers mobile access to their accounts, the fact that Pentagon Credit Union offers members mobile banking puts the credit union in a prime position to snag new, smartphone savvy customers. Pentagon Credit Union’s mobile application allows members living in areas with slow Internet connections fast, easy and secure access to their bank accounts without having to wait.

Fast Online Loan Approvals
In spite of the current economic downturn, Pentagon Credit Union members are still able to enjoy a variety of loan products at low interest rates. Members can apply for personal loans, auto loans, student loans, mortgage loans and more from anywhere in the world. College student members and their families like the fact that Pentagon Credit Union grants student loans outside of the FAFSA system, allowing families to borrow the extra money they need to fund higher education pursuits.

The loan process is fairly simple. Members fill out online applications indicating how much they want to borrow and wait for approval. The approval process is quick. Depending on the member’s credit rating, members are either approved instantly or may wait as long as 24 hours for an approval. Because of the credit crunch, Pentagon Credit Union has tightened its belt and gives members with A-list credit ratings top priority when it comes to loan approval. Once approved, loans are transferred seamlessly into member accounts giving members instant access to their funds. Members can also make loan payments directly from their Pentagon Credit Union accounts.

Free Bank to Bank Transfers
Credit Union members have many financial obligations and often need to transfer funds to different banks. Some banks charge hefty fees for this service. Pentagon Credit Union offers funds transfers, known as ACH transfers, to its members free of charge. Members can add different non credit union bank accounts to their Pentagon Credit Union accounts and transfer any amount with the push of a button. The free ACH transfer feature is especially helpful to the hundreds of thousands of men and women in uniform serving their country from overseas.

Convenient Credit Card Management
Pentagon Credit Union members can access their Visa and American Express credit cards accounts to check balances and to make payments online 24/7. In keeping with Pentagon Credit Union’s commitment to saving the environment, members have the option of receiving statements by snail mail or by email. Members who choose to receive statements by email can produce PDF statements to view or print at their convenience. Members can use the online interface to make sure that payments are never late. Making on-time, online credit card payments allows members to maintain good credit ratings.

Unparalleled Customer Service
Pentagon Credit Union members praise the company for offering 24/7 United States-based customer service. Members can call or email the customer service center from anywhere in the world for friendly and speedy service 24 hours a day. Customer service members also assist members by explaining loan approvals, loan application rejection and the loan application rejection appeal process.

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