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Att Wireless Service - How to Make the Most of Your ATT Wireless Service

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ATT is one of the top providers of wireless services and there are many advantages to having them as your wireless carrier. However, if you are proactive, you can make your wireless service even better. The first thing you should do after you become an ATT customer is to sign up for an online account. Managing your wireless account online is easy and you will have the full gamut of services at your fingertips.

One of the things you can do once you sign up for an online account with ATT wireless is to view your voice and data usage. Although you can get this information on your phone as well, viewing it online at your leisure lets you analyze how you are using your phone and may help to prevent overage. It is also easy to tell at a glance which of the people in your calling circle also have ATT wireless service as you will notice those calls are marked by M2M, which means mobile to mobile. These are the people with whom you won’t have to worry about how long you talk as it won’t take your wireless minutes.

By managing your ATT wireless account online, you can see at a glance how well your rate plan is working for you. Since it is so expensive to go over your minutes as you are charged for each extra minute, it is wise to keep a close eye on your usage and upgrade to another plan if you find you are consistently going over your plan’s minutes. In addition, you can monitor your data usage, including how many text messages you are sending and receiving. Since ATT has an unlimited plan for text messaging, it only makes sense to be proactive and get the features you need so that it doesn’t cost you a lot of money in the end.

If you find that you need to change your rate plan, you can do so online at the ATT website. You can even add a line, if you wish, and if you are eligible for an upgrade, you can shop for new phones and set the upgrade in motion. One really nice thing about the upgrade process is that if you are currently ineligible for an upgrade, the upgrade tool will show you when you will become eligible. This is helpful because you can shop for phones while you are waiting for your eligibility date and by the time it rolls around, you will know which phone you want and so you can immediately start the process in motion.

ATT wireless service has a great deal of support on its website. Just one of the interesting things you can do is to check the mobile number of someone you want to call to see if it will be a free call. Say you have a friend you like to talk to but you don’t know which wireless carrier they use. By putting their phone number into the ATT mobile to mobile tool, you can find out instantly whether or not that number is eligible for free calls.

You can also pay your ATT wireless bill online. If you need to call and make payment arrangements, you can do so by calling 611. Even though you are calling a huge company, the wait times are minimal and the support staff is knowledgeable. They are great about making payment arrangements with their customers, although if you break one such arrangement, you won’t be able to make another one for a period of six months. However, if you find you cannot pay your ATT wireless bill on time, it is a great alternative to having your services suspended.

You can learn a lot about the ATT wireless service features on their website. Some of these features you may already have and you may need more information and other services you may consider adding. For example, if you do not yet have the roadside assistance service on your ATT account, you can access all of the information about the program online. If you need instructions on setting up your voicemail or downloading a new ringtone, the answers are just a click of the mouse away.

It couldn’t be easier to manage your ATT wireless service online. When you need to call in, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly but for most things, you can take care of it yourself online.

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