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Translate English To Greek - Resources to Translate English to Greek

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Most of us don’t necessarily need to translate English to Greek on a regular basis. However for those of us who do, there are a variety of resources out there to help accomplish this task. First let’s take a look at some situations in which to English to Greek translations might be required. Then we’ll move on to some of the resources and tools available for the translation work itself.
Some situations in which somebody might be required to translate English to Greek are as follows:

An English speaking business person is dealing with a Greek company

Though much of the business world is familiar to some degree with English, this can’t always be counted on. Thus a business professional doing business with a Greek company might need to translate sales presentations, business proposals, or business documents into Greek in order to be sure he or she is understood. At least, two parallel forms of the written or spoken material (i.e. an original and a translated form) may be needed to make sure that all parties involved have a good understanding of what is being communicated.

A Greek speaker is trying to understand English speech or text

The situation may be as simple as a Greek speaker trying to understand English. Perhaps the individual is a recently arrived immigrant or visitor who has not had time to learn much of the language. Or they might be someone living in Greece who is interested in English or American news articles. There are many similar ordinary situations in which translation from English into Greek might be required.

A travel agent is dealing with a number of different nationalities (including Greek)

Travel agents booking trips to The US or UK may need translation into any number of different languages that they don’t have time to learn. They need to be able to appeal to people from different nationalities and get their message across clearly and intelligibly. If they happen to be dealing with Greek customers who aren’t English fluent, they need to translate English to Greek.

For translation of books, brochures, websites, advertisements that will be used in Greece

If a popular book is going to be introduced to the Greek book buying public, it obviously needs to be translated. This is the high end of translation and may require a native speaker as a Greek English translator. Websites and advertisements may not need to be translated to quite as high a standard of perfect style, but nevertheless they require good, accurate translation to help the textual message reach and convince its Greek audiences.

There are many other situations in which someone might need to translate English to Greek, but those are just a few. So what are the options for this kind of translation? Some of them are as follows:

Free online translators

One of the quickest and most hassle free ways to translate English to Greek is to use free online translators. But the idea that you get what you pay for applies here: these translators won’t give the user very high quality output. They are not very sophisticated programs and will often produce grammar errors or be unable to translate more obscure or esoteric words. Most of these sites promise to translate Greek to English (along with many other common languages) or vice versa. A few of them are Babel Fish Online Translation, World Lingo.com, Translation Guide.com and many others.
For anything but casual speaking purposes these sites are probably not the way to go.

Paid translation software

To upgrade to higher quality Greek English translation usually requires some money. There are many fairly sophisticated translation programs that do somewhere between an adequate and excellent job of translation depending on cost. For instance there is a company called SysTran that offers a whole line of software at a broad range in price. The bottom of the line – a web translation program By Systran for home users runs around $50, while toward the top customers will pay in the neighborhood of $800 for Systran’s premium translator.

Translation devices

There are actual hand held or desk top devices that can be purchased that perform translation and dictionary functions. These devices will do either English to Greek translation or translate Greek to English. One such device is the ECTACO NTL-2G Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary. This device combines a dictionary with accurate translation programming and voice recognition software to provide a device that a traveler can use to communicate accurately when in either Greek or English speaking countries.

Professional translators/translation services

For the highest levels of translation, human beings who are native speakers still offer the best services and overall performance. These individuals can be found in many ways – through companies or booking agencies that specialize in translation, through schools and colleges, on freelancing sites, through directories of translators (even the Yellow Pages), or simply through classified ad sites like Craigslist. Rates vary from translator to translator – they may be more or less expensive than software. This depends, of course on many of the factors already noted.

Unless an individual is going to sweat it out him or herself – reading a dictionary and grammar book and trying to translate from Greek to English of vice versa on their own, they need to access some form of translation service provider – whether that be electronic or human. The key is to find a good, accurate translator that is well suited to the purpose of what is being translated.

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