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Carpet Stair Treads - Prevent Falling with Carpet Stair Treads- How to Install Carpet Stair Treads

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Many people fall on stairs, especially if they are elderly or young toddlers. Most of the time a person will end up getting a bruise or scrape from this fall. If an elderly citizen falls, then they may have to be taken to the hospital for a broken hip or back and with a high cost for insurance, many will not be able to afford too many of these incidents. Since this is a reoccurring event, people have been opting to add carpet stair treads to the stairways.

When a person moves into a new home, they do not worry about the possibility of one of their family members tripping on the stairs. In their minds, it makes more sense to install smoke alarms, burglar alarms, and maybe even new locks. It is a mistake not to think about all of the possibilities that could happen when it comes to items that may cause harm to a family member.

Carpet stair treads provide a no slip surface that everyone can walk up and down on. Carpet stair treads are less expensive than full out carpet on the steps. It does not matter what type of surface is underneath the treads, since the treads will protect and cover any surface. Carpet stair treads are a beautiful and safe addition to any home.

If someone wants to install their own carpet stair treads, then there are a few steps that they will need to take.

The first step is to prepare the stairs before the actual installation. All of the old flooring needs to be removed from the staircase. After the old flooring is removed, the steps will need to be cleaned and checked for levelness. Throw away old padding and do not try to reuse them. Take a sander and wet it with hot water in order to sand away any adhesive. If the sanding does not work, then a chemical remover may need to be used. Sweep up any debris that has been left behind and allow for the steps to dry thoroughly before moving on to the installation process. After the steps have dried, check again for levelness.

When the staircase has been check a second time for levelness, the installation process can begin. Carpet stair treads do not cover the whole staircase and normally look like individual area rugs for each step. If a person does not want to have a look of multiple area rugs going up their steps, they can purchase ones that cover the entire step, as well.

There are many options for styles and colors of carpet stair treads, so each individual will be able to pick out which one will best fits their style or look of their homes. Each tread has two-sided tape attached to the bottom of them, so that will make the installation job easier. Be sure to measure the stairs from the inside out in case the walls are not perfectly straight. After measuring from the inside out, measure from the riser outward as well; this will make placing the treads in the same place on each step possible. There is a tape protector on each of the pieces of tape, so remove them before putting the treads into place. Each edge must touch the front of each step and be must be pushed down in order to see if they stick all of the way.

When covering the treads with carpet, all that will need to be done is to use a strip that is tack less on each back of the treads, and use staples to stick in the front, of the steps. After the strip has been placed, the padding can be stapled into the treads. The carpet should be pulled tight and then stapled under the edge. The carpet should not be bound to the sides, so that the sides will be able to be folded over. After the sides are folded, there will be a few inches of wood on each side showing. Repeat the process until the staircase has been entirely covered in carpet stair treads.

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