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Laptop Computer Memory - Understanding and Installing Laptop Computer Memory

ddr2 laptops data type

Memory is the physical device in a computer where information or a program is stored either temporarily or permanently. However, it is typically identified with as a fast temporary form of storage. Memory on the computer is commonly referred to as RAM, or random access memory. Your computer would become extremely slow, if it had to access the hard drive constantly to retrieve a piece of data. This is where memory comes in, and, this is exactly why memory is tremendously useful. When the information is kept in the memory, then the data can be accessed quickly. Most memories are designed for temporary storage of data. Laptops, as well as desktops, both use memory, but we’ll be concentrating more on the laptop in this article.

The majority of laptops nowadays uses SO-DIMM memory. SO-DIMM is an acronym for small outline dual in-line memory module. This is a small version of the DIMM modules which are used on large computers, like desktops. There are several types of SO-DIMM memory. The first type is the SDRAM. This stands for synchronous dynamic random access memory. This memory synchs itself with the computer processor which in turn allows smooth access. Most new laptops do not use this memory. Another type is the DDR SDRAM. This is similar to the first type; however, this has double the data rate, which means it is two times faster. Among the memory found in laptops produced later than August 2009, this is the most common. The third type is the DDR2 SDRAM. This is an upgraded version of the original concept of laptop memory. Several improvements have been made to the original design to make it more efficient and adapt to the changing needs of laptops. This memory uses less power, so it does not drain laptops as easily as the first two types. DDR2 stands for double data rate 2. Laptops, which were released 3 years ago, use this memory. DDR2 is a better version of DDR. It has faster performance and uses less energy. DDR3 SDRAM is still extremely new. This is the most advanced technology. It is even faster than DDR2 and uses less energy that its two predecessors. A word of warning, with this memory there is no backward or forward compatibility. You can only upgrade like for like. For example, you can only upgrade DDR2 with other DDR2 memory. Most people would prefer getting the best DDr2 in the market than the newer DDr3. Why is that, you may ask? DDR2 technology has been around for quite some time now and, it has been tested and proven, DDR3, on the other hand, is still very new. It is the cutting edge technology now, but its reliability is yet to be proven.

Do not upgrade the memory on the laptop just for the heck of it. The size of the memory will depend largely on the usage. What is the main function of the laptop? Is it for games? Is it for general browsing only? Is it for downloading movies and videos? Upgrading is quite easy and is not that expensive. However, it is crucial to determine if there is a need to upgrade and to what size should the memory be upgraded. Memory is sold in128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4G sizes. Laptop memory upgrades will boost performance in more ways than one. If you are running high-end applications, then it is necessary to upgrade the memory. Read the manual first before upgrading the memory on a laptop. Each laptop has limitations as to the maximum memory it can carry. Some can be upgraded to as much as 8G while others are only limited to 2G. There is also a need to know what RAM is required. The RAM has to match the existing RAM in your laptop in terms of speed, type and parity.

Computer laptop memory can be installed easily. However, when in doubt of one’s capability then bring the laptop to the store when buying memory and have a professional install it instead. The risk of the computer not working because of a badly installed memory can be avoided. There is also an assurance that the memory will work because it will be tested on the laptop right in the store.

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