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Georgia Colleges And Universities - Finding Georgia Colleges and Universities

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The state of Georgia is full of great colleges and universities for those individuals who want to position themselves more effectively in the job market. Though the state itself is not huge, there are Georgia colleges and universities from east to west, serving the needs of different students. The nice thing about Georgia colleges and universities is that there remains a wide selection of public and private options, with some universities specializing in different academic disciplines. Choosing from among the many Georgia colleges and universities requires one to analyze personal academic needs, city preferences, and financial considerations as well.

Public Georgia colleges and universities
For those who want to take advantage of public education, there are 38 different Georgia colleges and universities to choose from. Some of these are in the bigger cities of Georgia, serving larger populations. Others are located in remote areas of the state and are better for people who enjoy a rural feel. The University of Georgia is the flagship school in the state’s public system, and it is located in Athens. Only an hour outside of Atlanta, UGA has become an academic staple, offering many different undergraduate and graduate programs. Though admission requirements have stiffened at the University of Georgia, it remains a great choice for in-state students. The resident tuition of just less than $9,000 per year makes UGA one of the country’s best values.

Other popular public Georgia colleges and universities include Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. Both are located within the city of Atlanta and serve different demographics. Georgia Tech has traditionally been a school steeped in engineering and science and its entrance requirements indicate that fact. It has become very difficult to get into, even for in-state students. Luckily for students, job placement out of Georgia Tech remains strong, so it justifies the rising tuition there.

Georgia State is located right in downtown Atlanta and is a great choice for non-traditional students. It features a huge population of older, employed students and offers many practical programs for those interested in finding jobs. In-state students will pay just more than $3,000 per semester in tuition in fees, while those coming from out of state will see a significantly higher cost.

Other public options
There are some less popular public college options, with some ranking as great choices for students with particular interests. Georgia Southern University features a strong education program, while Valdosta State is known for its athletic leadership and sports management programs. The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography in Savannah is an excellent choice for those who want to go into marine biology or some other maritime discipline.

The HOPE Scholarship and public colleges
One reason why Georgia colleges and universities are such a good value has to do with the existence of the HOPE Scholarship, which provides full tuition to many elite Georgia students who want to attend a public university in the state. With that scholarship in tow, many students are able to leave school debt free.

Private Georgia colleges and universities
The state of Georgia is more known for its public options, but there are private Georgia colleges and universities worth mentioning, as well. With a city as large as Atlanta sitting in the middle of the state, it is no wonder that quite a few great college options exist for students. One that must not be overlooked is Emory University. Known as a national university, Emory attracts students from around the country. Its reputation carries from one coast to the other and a particularly strong alumni base sits in New York City. Emory is significantly more expensive than many other state options, costing more than $37,000 per year in tuition alone. There is no break for in-state students and when cost of attendance is calculated, Emory can cost more than $50,000 per year.

Despite the costs, many students find that Emory is worth the price tag, given its strong programs and reputation. The school has a top-ranked medical program and a highly ranked law school for those seeking post-graduate degrees.

Another of the state’s private institutions is Mercer University, located in Macon. It provides a small town feel and has an excellent reputation within the state. Though Mercer carries a high price tag, the school is generous with scholarships to make it more affordable.

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