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Outdoor Stereo Speakers - Outdoor Stereo Speakers: Types and Tips on Fixing Problems

patio speakers decorative speakers rain, moisture and dew spa/pool water cabling winter

Outdoor stereo speakers can positively make any patio, pool or lawn area entertaining. These speakers can also be installed in garages, covered porches, decks, posts, boats, and in any outside location that has a decent power supply. Before buying outdoor speakers, one should be aware of the hazards of having them installed. Some of these are better hidden among the plants, while some can serve as lovely additional garden features.

Types of Outdoor Stereo Speakers

Patio speakers

These outdoor stereo speakers can either be mounted on a wall or inserted on a compartment in the ceiling of an overhang. If these speakers are mounted, it means that the speaker cables will be external and visible. Putting the speaker cables in a pocket, or conceal or imbed them inside the wall will have a nicer and cleaner effect. Hidden wirings are also protected from common, harmful elements like rain and snow, or wildlife hazards like animals chewing on the wires.

Decorative speakers

These speakers are those placed in additional decorations like flower pots or rocks or statues. These can be put out in the garden or on the ground, and it can give any garden or patio a more elegant and natural look, while giving the best sound to be enjoyed while relaxing. If the speaker is to be placed on top of a hard surface like concrete, the power and cables has to be run over that surface. Be creative in trying to find a way to hide these cables around other plants, under the garden benches or have them buried in the dirt.

Tips on Fixing Problems

The outdoor stereo speakers a buyer gets is entirely up to his taste and on how the speakers will be installed. Nevertheless, all outdoor speakers are prone to different problems that have to be dealt with – in all kinds of weather, temperature, and even nature. Here, are some problems to be dealt with and tips on how to deal with them to make sure that the speakers can give service for a long time.

Rain, Moisture and Dew

It is to be expected that the outdoor speakers are going to get wet either through rain, moisture, or heavy dew. Apparently, speakers that are “water resistant” or “marine ready” are the best recommended. There is nothing that can be done about natural water like rain and moisture, but be sure not to put the speakers directly on the sprinkler systems’ line. If the only perfect place for the outdoor speakers happens to be on the sprinkler’s line, the best way to fix the problem is to place a small flower pot or a garden ornament right between the speakers and the sprinklers. This will ensure that the water from the sprinklers will not hit the speakers directly.

Spa/Pool Water

Be warned though that not because a speaker is water resistant, it also means that its chlorine or chemical resistant. Chemicals will make the plastic coverings of outdoor stereo speakers discolor faster. Use outdoor speakers rated for chemical exposure if they are to be placed near the spa or the pool area. Try to protect your speakers as much as possible from chemicals by placing them away from these areas.


Most speakers have 16 gauge wires, but if the wiring is going to be buried over 50 feet, use 14 gauge wires. Note that 14 gauge wires are thicker than 16 gauge wires. Painting the cables to make them blend with walls or the natural surroundings is ideal. If the cable is to be buried, it is advisable to protect the cables by putting them inside a PVC piping. This PVC piping will protect the cables, not just from being tripped over, but also from wildlife disasters such as animal bites.


Using outdoor speakers during winter cannot be avoided specially during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Be aware though that using these speakers in subfreezing temperatures will have the hazard of cracking the fragile plastic covering. If they are not to be used, covering these speakers with heavy plastic is recommended.

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