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Attorney General California - The Fighting Attorney General of California, Jerry Brown

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It would be an understatement to say that Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr., the Fighting Attorney General of California, has politics in his blood. His father, Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, Sr., was also governor of California, serving two terms. It was he who beat Richard M. Nixon in the famous California gubernatorial race of 1962, prompting Nixon’s comment to the press, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Like his father, Jerry Brown was governor of California for two terms, but he cut his political teeth in a series of other elective state offices. His first was in 1969, when he was elected to the Los Angeles County College Board of Trustees. He served as Secretary of State from 1971-1975, Governor from 1975-1983, and the Mayor of Oakland from 1999-07. He twice ran unsuccessfully for President. Jerry Brown is serving as California’s thirty first Attorney General of California since being elected on November 6, 2006.

His life in politics couldn’t have been foreseen when he entered the Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Catholic Jesuit seminary, but in 1960 he left after determining that he could better serve in the public sector. He studied at UC Berkley and gained a BA in Classics; then went on to Yale Law School. He clerked in the state Supreme Court, and then started a law practice in Los Angeles.

As Secretary of State he took on legislator’s non-compliance with campaign disclosure laws, the rich and powerful’s illegal tax deductions, and personally argued before the the California State Supreme Court and won against oil giants Mobil, Gulf and Standard Oil’s violations of election law. He helped pass California’s Fair Political Practices Act. Brown became well known as a politician who took on hard fights, even opposing his own Democratic party when he felt it was wrong.

Amongst his accomplishments as Governor of California, to which he was re-elected by over one million votes, was signing into permanent law the California Coastal Protection Act. The recent nightmare of the Gulf Coast oil inundation underscores Brown’s far-sighted legislation. Also, under his administration, California produced 25% of the Nation’s new jobs.

As Attorney General, Jerry Brown’s task is to enforce the laws of California, in an adequate and uniform manner (California Constitution Article V, Section 13). He represents the citizens of California in civil and criminal cases and carries this out through the state Department of Justice. He serves as legal counsel to state officers and agencies, assists city and county District Attorneys, local police and sheriffs, and criminal justice agencies at the federal and international level.

The California Attorney General protects the citizenry from illegal, fraudulent, and unfair victimization. He sees to the public safety and safeguards the environment and natural resources.

Since becoming the Attorney General of California, the state has witnessed hate crimes decreasing over 20% in 2009. By law, the state Department of Justice is directed to publish these statistics compiled from California’s fifty eight counties. The overall violent crime rate has decreased for the third straight year.

The fighting Attorney General of California has implemented and promoted innovative programs to keep the crime rate falling. The state’s DNA program averages nine “hits” a day, matching DNA evidence at crime scenes to that of a suspect in its data base of 1.5 million adults arrested for felonies. Convictions in murder cases over twenty years old are the result. Attorney General Brown says, “DNA is the fingerprint of the 21st century”.

The Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse Board’s purpose is to prevent and prosecute physical and financial abuse and neglect of some of California’s most vulnerable citizens. Fraudulent billing, unnecessary treatments, and procedures done by unqualified personnel are actively investigated and prosecuted.

These are only a few examples of the innovations and real progress the fighting Attorney General of California, Jerry Brown has made for the citizens of his beloved native state. Recently, he has announced his intention to run again for Governor later this year.

Those who can remember when California truly was “The Golden State”, before petty politics and political amateurs ran roughshod, will no doubt take a fresh look at the Fighting Attorney General, Jerry Brown, and elect him again as their fighting Governor.
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