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Kentucky Land For Sale - Land for Sale in Kentucky

real estate acreage property

There are few places in the United States where people can buy a large tract of land and still enjoy its beautiful and natural surroundings. However, in Kentucky land for sale is one of those places where any amount of property can be bought at an affordable price (shown as per acre). From massive ranches and farms to woodland hunting compounds, Kentucky property is available by the acreage, and not just by the locality or outdated amenities in many other states.

To understand the pricing and real estate available in Kentucky, the customer must first understand some of its history. At the beginning of Kentucky as a territory in the United States, Kentucky’s land was highly desirable and, therefore, oversold. By the end of World War II, Kentucky property sold due to the need to expand the mining industry and provide more jobs for Kentucky natives. Eastern Kentucky properties became undesirable as it slowly succumbed to the expansion of strip mining. The population in Kentucky stayed little as strip mining took over the eastern part of Kentucky. Considered by definition rural, Kentucky land for sale is homes, farms, ranches, and other properties made for rural or country living.

The desirability of the land or house is most likely to affect the pricing of land sold in Kentucky. The desirability of the land usually consists of whether the land sold in Kentucky has the featured “rolling green hills” and large, expansive pastures, a necessity for farmers cattle ranchers. Pricing for land selling in Kentucky is lower than the $100,000, some land going for as little as $80,000. Though there does not seem to be a relation to acreage for the lower ranges, the land is often less desirable as Kentucky’s principal selling point. The real estate at the lower end of the pricing spectrum often has disadvantages including areas of the property not suitable for building, farming, or ranching. The houses for the lower-end sales are older models, sometimes in disrepair, and includes fewer bedrooms and baths.

In contrast, real estate in Kentucky can sell for as high as the one to two million dollars. The housing on the property is usually in moderate to excellent condition. As the land is at the higher end of the price range, the house has more modern conveniences and amenities. Modernized bathrooms, technologically savvy living rooms, and large, open kitchens are enormous selling points for homes in Kentucky. Instead of deteriorating land, the higher-end real estate on the market has specific features items on the land; the aforementioned rolling green hills, as well as water and woodland features are selling points for any Kentucky property. Everyday land in Kentucky might sell for lower, but if the piece of real estate happens to be a designated ranch or a horse farm, the land will be considered of more value to many buyers. If the land has mineral rights attached to it, hunting leases or compounds and features such as ponds, trails and woods, the price will rise astronomically regardless of acreage.

While acreage is not the primary sell point for Kentucky land, a big plus for anyone looking to buy real estate in Kentucky is the acreage. Although Kentucky homes for sale are dependent upon the desirability of the land and the home, many properties come with extensive land. As little as half an acre or as large as several hundred acres, Kentucky real estate brokers boast of the land’s natural gifts such as a creek or some woods. The real estate listings, especially in the higher price ranges, attract buyers who want acreage that is both versatile and has picturesque scenery. However, while offered and advertised Kentucky land for sale usually discusses the acreage beauty, it makes little note of the lay of the land. More important, it only briefly mentions the number of acres in relation to the natural water, woodland or pasture amenities. Therefore, it is always recommended witnessing the land selling in Kentucky first hand, and not simply take listings for more than they are worth.

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