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Email A Fax - How to Email a Fax

what is internet fax? traditional direct fax by pc

Fax machines are computerized devices that allow us to transmit a physical document electronically to a remote device via phone line. In this modern computer age, most documents originate on a PC, and it is therefore simpler to transmit them from one computer to another via email or similar means. However, computers have not completely supplanted the role of the fax machine in the business world yet. Because of that, it is sometimes necessary to email a fax or to receive a fax as an email. Generally, we accomplish this using an Internet fax service, which allows a computer to play the role of a fax machine.

What is Internet fax?

Internet fax is a service available both free and at charge. Clients can pay for Internet fax service per document or as a service subscription. Companies that offer free Internet fax service usually include advertising with the fax in the form of a letterhead. Some companies add a watermark, so clients must watch for this in the cases when a watermark would destroy the document.

Both paid and free Internet fax services give their clients a toll-free phone number, which the client can use in lieu of a fax machine. When the sender faxes to that number, the service receives it, reformats it as an email or email attachment, and forwards to the client’s email address. Once the fax email reaches the email server, the client can then access it through a web-based interface or email software. The best aspect of this solution is that client is not bound to a physical location. They can receive and send faxes wherever they have Internet access.

How to send a fax using Internet fax (email a fax):

1. The document to send must be in an image or text document format. If it is a physical document, the sender must scan it into a computer format first.

2. Create a new, blank email address, and attach the document to it. Generally, the Internet service ignores any content in the body or subject section, but pay attention to any specific rules that the service may have. Many email clients require a subject line, in which case, it can be anything.

3. Address the email address by combining the fax receiver’s fax number with the email domain of the service, ex: 18005555555@myinternetfaxservice.com.

4. Once they click send, the sender is done. The service will receive the attachment, convert it to a fax signal, and then send it to the recipient via telephone.

How to receive a fax using Internet fax (receive a fax as email):

1. As mentioned earlier, the Internet fax service gives all clients a toll-free number. Give the number to the sender.

2. The sender inputs the document into the fax machine just as they would normally, and they dial the toll free number that you gave them.

3. The Internet fax service receives the fax, and transforms it into a common computer format. Generally, this will be PDF or JPEG, and the client can usually dictate the exact format in their Internet fax settings.

4. The Internet fax service attaches this document to an email and sends the email to their client. The recipient can now access the fax as they would any email attachment.

Fax over IP (FOIP)

Fax over IP is a means to email a fax and receive a fax using a PC without the Internet fax service as an intermediary. In order to accomplish this, the user must install a T38-capable fax board into the PC. T38 uses the voice over IP protocol (VOIP) and sends faxes much the way phone works over the Internet. Instead of using T38-capable hardware, it is also possible to use fax software that acts as a frontend to a T38-compatible fax server. This allows the full range of direct faxing without any equipment. T38 hardware and software provide the user with the necessary phone number to receive faxes. The user requires a scanner if they wish to send physical documents.

Traditional Direct Fax by PC

It is also possible to install a traditional fax board, which is essentially the core piece of a fax machine. The difference between a traditional fax board and a T38 board is that the traditional fax board requires a phone line and number. It is also necessary to have a scanner in order to fax physical documents.

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