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Harry And Davids - Harry and Davids Gifts: Top-of-the-Line Flowers, Food, and Flavors Galore

fruit chocolate tasting business

Maybe you’ve heard about Harry and Davids Gifts and have just never tried them. Or maybe you’ve hesitated because of the mail order nature of the business, even though they have brick and mortar stores all over the U.S.A., in all but 12 states. Find your nearest outlet using the convenient “store locator” feature on their Web site. One of the great things about visiting one of these fun stores is that they always have tasting parties going on, like trail mix tasting, cheesecake tasting, Moose Munch, and other treats.

Whether or not there is a store close to you, do not hesitate to use their online catalog to place an order with them. Why? Harry and Davids has the strongest guarantee in the business. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will receive either a replacement order or a full refund. Harry and Davids is committed to customers receiving the right gifts on time and in perfect condition, whether it’s fruit, flowers, or anything else.

Another thing important to most everyone is that Harry and Davids Gifts is a green company in the purest sense of the term. Not only do they practice green wisdom, but they do business only with suppliers who do likewise. For example, all the paper they use is supplied only by those who ensure that “all wood fiber comes from forests managed for sustainability.” This is just one of a long list of green parameters you can read about on their Web site.

Harry and Davids’ wide variety of quality products, most of which are made from scratch, even down to the gift wrapping paper, are top notch. Listed below are just some of the multifarious items you can choose:

  • Guaranteed fresh (mostly organic) fruits, chocolates, nuts, and gourmet foods
  • Imaginative, unique gourmet gifts, such as the Peaches Castellano Grilling Gift, which includes, not only the freshest of elbow-dripping Oregold™ peaches, but everything you need to make this grilled dish to perfection, including blue cheese, honey and almonds
  • Original (for 75 years) gift towers and baskets loaded with their own baked cookies and their luscious, lovingly grown fruit, all packaged carefully in their own specially designed wrapping
  • Jellies, olive oil crackers, Havarti and Gouda cheeses packaged in a stunning wooden cutting board with pull-out tray for tools … totally unique!
  • A deluxe summer fruit and flower basket sporting a live lavender plant and an astounding variety of mouth-watering fruits, all delivered overnight at no extra cost!
  • Unusual variety cakes, made with the finest of ingredients, with all birthday cakes accented with a special imported Belgian chocolate decoration
  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, lemon-dilled, moist, flavorful, and seasoned with the finest of herbs
  • Delicate cheesecake party wheel, featuring white chocolate raspberry, Bing Cherry chocolate, HoneyBell Citrus, and chocolate turtle (two slices of each)
  • Custom gift basket service. All you do is choose the contents, and expert packers take care of the rest, all by hand.
  • Virtually unlimited choices and combinations via party boxes, gift towers, baskets, using their online catalog, which is colorful and fun to browse

Just visit the Harry and Davids site, crammed full of the most delectable food this side of heaven: Second to none are the relishes, the special dips, candies, cookies, munchies, dips, spreads, salsas, marmalades, sauces, conserves, coffees, trail mixes, chowders and soups, tarts, truffles, pies … bet you can’t order just one!

There are so many reasons to try Harry and Davids, like their thorough order tracking service. You never have to guess where your order is or when it will arrive.

Also, you will find a feature rarely found anywhere else called an e-Nouncement, in case you forget to send a gift, telling the recipient that your gift is on the way.

Or you can send along a gift card, which may be redeemed by mail, by phone, or at any Harry and Davids Store.

You can also create your own Fruit-of-the-Month Club, where you choose the fruits and the months of delivery.

Harry and Davids features coupons as well, which can be used online or printed out and used at any of their stores … a really good deal, especially if you get one for free order shipping.

Finally, http://www.harryanddavid.com offers an affiliate program for those who would like to earn commissions on their products.

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