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Jura Espresso Machine - The Great Tradition of Jura Espresso Machines

coffee impressa capresso mt500

Coffee is substantial business today. Although the year 2009 was quite a challenge for the coffee industry, it has remained resilient. Daily consumption has remained at 54%. Statistically, this is on par with consumption for the year 2008. A lot of people feel that coffee is an integral part of their lives. They just cannot live without it. The coffee business is not just restricted to coffee. Also, the devices and tools that come with making coffee are part of the business. Examples of these devices include espresso machines and coffee makers. Espresso machines, sometimes called espresso makers, are used to produce the traditional Italian coffee beverage which is called espresso.

Jura is a Swiss company which has been involved in the business of producing high-quality appliances for the home since 1931. Jura decided to work with a company named Capresso back in 2002. Capresso is one of the finest espresso makers in the world today. The union has spawned some of the best espresso machines in modern times. The espresso machines are not only functional but are also extremely beautiful and elegant. Jura-Capresso is a world class leader in the espresso machine market. When looking for espresso machines or coffee makers of the highest quality, do not forget this name, it is the epitome of quality after all. Jura espresso machines are capable of brewing the perfect cappuccino or making the best espresso with the touch of a single button.

The Jura Impressa F9, Jura Impressa Z5, Jura Impressa J5, and the Capresso MT500 and MT500 Plus are just some of the company’s best selling machines. Let’s take a look at each. The Jura Impressa F9 looks extremely elegant and compact. It especially looks stylish with its black and chrome housing. Aside from the fact that it will look particularly agreeable in the kitchen, it is also packed with impressive features. The Jura Impressa F9 is a professional cappuccino frother. It can be programmed for optimal temperature for heating and foaming of milk for the cappuccino. Operating the machine is never difficult because of the touch screen technology. It is also equipped with Internet technology. This takes the guesswork out of making coffee and produces the best coffee always. All that needs to be done is to connect the Impressa F9 to a PC through the Internet, and then it can be programmed to memorize various settings for various kinds of coffee. Is it not impressive?

The Jura Impressa Z5 coffee center is considered the best home espresso machine today. Making the perfect espresso right in the house has now become easier. It has eight presets, which allow brewing of numerous beverages, like cappuccino, latte, hot tea, and espresso. The possibilities are endless. The Z5 has many features, but the best has to be the One-Touch Cappuccino System. This system features a dual nozzle arrangement, one for coffee and another for the milk. The removable water contained holds 96 oz. of water; this makes up to 60 espressos.

The Jura Impressa J5 comes in platinum and black, platinum and white and piano white. It has an impressive design which is aesthetically appealing. It stays true to the tradition of Jura-Capresso espresso machines. It is both stylish and functional. It allows one to choose the preferred hot water setting, and it prepares the milk in the professional cappuccino frother. It has a dual headed sprout which is adjustable for the height and the width of the coffee cup; this prevents splashes and spillage. It also has an active bean monitoring system shows exactly when it is time to refill the bean container. It comes with three different hot water settings and accessories such as spouts and spoons can be stored in the compartment.

Coffee connoisseurs will be impressed with the MT500 and the MT500 Plus. Both have the same features. The only difference between the two is the filter holder. The MT500 has a black filter holder while the MT500 Plus has a metal filter holder. The alloy is polished to a high-gloss, and this gives the Capresso MT500 coffee makers stability. Both models have a heating system that is lined with stainless steel. Cleaning is reduced because the coffee does not come into contact with aluminum. Both also have an alloy body combined with a stainless steel carafe. The vacuum on the carafe has a lid which allows the coffee to flow through, but the lid immediately closes upon dispensing to keep the coffee full of aroma and hut.

These beautiful machines with unparalleled coffee making capabilities have placed Jura-Capresso on the top echelons of coffee making and rightfully so. These machines exemplify the perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality.

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