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Golden One Credit Union - Golden One Credit Union Services

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Credit unions are non-profit financial cooperatives that are run by member-owners. All credit union members become member-owners becasue each deposit represents a share of ownership., So when the credit unions receive profits, they give them back to the member-owners in the form of lower loan rates, free services and higher savings rates.

Golden One Credit Union is an example of a credit union. It has been around since 1933 and can be found throughout the United States. It offers a variety of services to its members, including:
- Checking: Choose from a variety of checking programs, including free, market rate and premium. The difference is that some earn dividends. There are also checking accounts based on age. For example, the Golden Prestige is for those age 50 and older. There are the Freedom and New Generation checking accounts for high schoolers. The Student Pack is exclusively for college students and includes a checking account, ATM card and Visa Credit card.
- Savings: There are six different savings accounts available – Regular, FlexSavings, Youth, Santa Saver, Money Market and Term Savings. The Youth account helps kids get off to a good financial start. It requires just $1 to open, and there are no fees. The FlexSavings and Santa Saver accounts help you save for major life events or for the holidays with automatic payroll deductions. The Money Market and Term Savings accounts require higher opening balances, but allow you to earn higher dividends.
- Loans: Golden One Credit Union offers automobile, home, RV, boat and consumer loans, some for less than 5% interest. The Web site includes a calculator where you can calculate your monthly auto loan payment.
- Cards: Low-interest credit cards, ATM cards and gift cards are available.
- Real Estate: Several types of home loans are available, including fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and FHA.
- Investments: Investment services include retirement planning, annuities, mutual funds and life insurance.
- Insurance: Automobile, life, homeowners and dental insurance are available.
- Online services: Get access to your account anytime and anywhere with free online banking. Pay bills, check account balances, view online statements and even make deposits online. You can even bank from your cell phone and receive text alerts when you have new messages or when your account balance is low.
- Other: Golden One Credit Union offers many more services, including direct deposit, check reordering, estate planning and services and programs for children and teenagers. There are also free online financial workshops that cover topics such as budgeting, buying a home, investing, organizing finances, starting a business, wealth management and planning for retirement and college.

There are many services and products to choose from. Become a member of Golden One Credit Union and experience the difference between a bank and a credit union.

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