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Suntrust Banking Online - An introduction to Suntrust banking online

account bills customers common

Suntrust banking online is a service offered by Suntrust banks that allows you as a customer to conduct your financial business from the comfort of your home the moment you set up an account with Suntrust banking online. With an online account, you can potentially pay every one of your bills online, such as your electricity bills, your water billls, your heating and cooling bills, your internet and cable bills, and your telephone bills – all without leaving your home. You also have the opportunity to view your statements electronically, which saves paper in comparison to having the bank mail your statements to you. Additionally, with Suntrust banking online, you can stay on top of your financial situation twenty four hours a day due to the continuous access you have to your account.

This article will discuss some of the features you can experience if you sign up for an online banking account with Suntrust, as well as some of the more common questions asked by new customers about online banking services.

Features such as the ability to add your billers by their names or by their phone numbers, the ability to pay every one of your bills on a screen that is easy to read and navigate, the ability to determine the date of payment delivery for certain bills, and the ability to eliminate paper bills in favor of electronic bill receipt are just some of the many advantages offered by Suntrust banking online.

A common question asked by new customers is what the fees and service charges are to use Suntrust banking online. You will be happy to find out that, unlike a number of other banks and financial institutions, there are no monthly service charges for opening or maintaining an online banking presence with Suntrust. You can open or close your online service at any time without incurring any surprise or hidden fees.

Another common question asked by new customers involves the minimum system requirements a computer must have to make full use of the online banking system provided by Suntrust. The requirements are surprisingly modest; it is recommended that you have a computer with a 56 kbps internet connection, but you can potentially get by with a 28.8 kbps internet connection. These are both dialup connections; if you have any sort of broadband internet connection such as a DSL or cable connection, you will have more than enough bandwidth available to access Suntrust banking online. Additionally, you will need a web browser that supports 128 bit encryption. This is to ensure the security and privacy of your online account while you do business with Suntrust. Fortunately, virtually every modern browser supports 128 bit encryption, so this will not be a problem. A recommended web browser to access Suntrust banking online is Firefox; Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are also options available.

Another common question asked by new customers involves the specific things they need to establish an online banking account with Suntrust. Typically, new customers will need to have one or more of the following types of accounts, such as personal checking or savings accounts, a certificate of deposit, an individual retirement account, a money market account, a signature advantage, some sort of consumer loan or mortgage, a line of credit or a business credit card, or access 3. Additionally, a new customer will also need to establish a user ID and password for online banking.

An increasingly common question asked by new customers involves the security of online banking in general. Suntrust bank makes your security their first priority. As a result, they take numerous measures to make sure your personal assets are kept safe and your personal information is kept private; this is achieved through use of several layers of security that work in concert to protect your financial information. A major part of this security involves the use of a browser that is secure to make connections with Suntrust banking online. Secure browsers use a form of encryption known as a secure sockets layer, or an SSL, to encrypt your information so it cannot be read or manipulated by hackers as the information travels from your computer to the banking system and back.

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