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Performance Truck Parts - Where to Buy Performance Truck Parts Online

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Performance truck parts can replace your stock parts and increase your vehicle’s power, speed, handling, or pretty much any other aspect of your truck’s engine. Everything from your oil filter to engine management computers and mufflers have performance truck part replacements. Though many performance parts are labelled “racing” parts, you don’t have to be a drags racer to appreciate the performance you’ll get if you replace stock parts with performance alternatives.

Much like everything else you buy, purchasing performance truck parts online can save you money. Here are four websites for buying discounted high performance truck parts.


The low cost of performance parts isn’t all this site has to offer — with eight shipping and distribution centers around America, Performance4Trucks promises to get your new performance truck parts to your door within three business days. This site also has regular sales, not just on specific products but site-wide. It is common to find that Performance4Trucks is offering discounted or free shipping, even further reducing the cost of your performance truck parts. For example, an exhaust system kit made by Banks for Dodge trucks will normally set you back well over $400. I found the same system at Performance4Trucks for under $300, and with their $75 mail-in rebate and 20% off shipping, the total cost is much lower than you’d expect to pay at a retail store.


If you’re looking to improve your Ford performance truck, parts for Ford trucks are available on the cheap at FordRacingParts. As an added bonus, your first order from FRP will come shipped with a Ford Racing t-shirt. There are some great prices here, like the chrome racing dual exhaust tip for a Ford F150 for just under $250. The same item, priced at the Ford dealership, costs almost twice as much. There are also “racing packs” designed for specific Ford models, so you can upgrade the entire engine of your performance truck, parts as well as body, for one price.


With the lowest shipping and handling costs of any performance truck parts retailer I’ve ever seen, SummitRacing is the place to shop if you need your performance parts fast and at a low price. Though they only promise shipping “within 5 days, in most cases”, the cost to ship your new parts to your home or business is much lower than their competition. SummitRacing has all the brands you’d expect (Banks, Edelbrock, Holley, etc) and the prices are comparable to those found at other online performance part retailers. A convenient “savings central” feature on the website’s home page alerts you to performance parts that are on sale, so you don’t have to dig around the site to find the lowest prices.


This is the website of Super Truck Essentials, your Ford, Dodge, Chevy, or GMC truck can be upgraded with performance parts for a low price through SuperTruckUsa. The search function of this site is second to none, with an easy to use site-wide search bar that allows you to search by item name or part number. A “clearance section” is constantly updated to include items with especially low prices. Another benefit of shopping with Super Truck Essentials is that they only sell truck parts, and only for domestic trucks. You don’t have to wade through parts for cars — only high performance truck parts are sold here. Their special section called “Build a Fuel Efficient Truck” gathers all the different brands of fuel efficient performance parts in one place, allowing you to pick and choose which parts you want to build your own high performance fuel efficient truck engine.

Turning your truck into a high performance machine can be as easy as replacing your old or original parts with performance truck parts. The manufacturers of these parts promise everything from a faster truck to a more fuel efficient vehicle, with the benefits coming from a simple installation. Performance truck parts are a great way to improve the way your truck performs, and buying them online is the only way to lower the cost.

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