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Aruba Car Rental - Aruba Car Rental Tips

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Aruba is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. A popular destination for honeymooners and other vacationers, Aruba is a major tourist attraction. When traveling to Aruba, there are several car rental options for you. Aruba car rental services vary by company, but there is something for everyone.

All Aruba car rental companies have some common guidelines. An international driver license or a valid license at least two years old is required. Companies will also require a deposit, usually $500. You must be at least 21 for some companies and 25 for others. There are also maximum age limits, usually 65 or 70 years old. Insurance is not required, but is recommended. Special requests, including child seats and roof racks are available if you request them. Also, many companies in Aruba have unlimited mileage offers, which is a great deal if you do a lot of driving.

There are many car rental companies in Aruba. Among the internationally recognizable brands are Econo, Thrifty, Budget, and Ace. All of these are featured at the airport, along with various other locations. Aruba car rental companies generally offer shuttle services, making them convenient to use. There is a wide option of cars to choose from, ranging from economy sized cars to SUV’s and large passenger vans. As there are many sightseeing opportunities off the beaten path in Aruba, renting a four wheel drive vehicle is a good choice.

There are other Aruba car rental companies that aren’t as well known but just as good. Car Rental Aruba offers great rates that include all taxes and hidden fees, so you won’t be surprised when you show up and see your statement. They also include handy travel tools like road maps and shuttle service. Tropic Car Rental offers great rates for extended stays, starting at five days. They will also deliver your car to your hotel and pick it up for you. Royal Car Rental is another option, especially for extended stays. They offer great weekly and monthly packages and special deals if you are a timeshare holder.

Some Aruba car rental companies require additional fees if you pick up at an airport, so it’s a good idea to consult varying companies online to determine how much those costs are. Depending on the prices it may be a good option to take advantage of a car company that offers free deliveries to your hotel. All of the Aruba car rental companies have websites that allow you to find the most fitting deal at the best rate for your trip. They will also list age and insurance guidelines, so you will know exactly what to expect. Other Aruba car rental companies include Economy, Toyota, American, Value, Top Drive, and Payless.

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