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Tv Wireless Headphones - Considerations When Choosing Wireless Headphones for your TV

infrared sound bluetooth headset

Buying wireless headphones for your TV can be either simple or very complex depending on what factors the buyer wishes to consider. If a buyer is looking for a high end set of headphones and is willing to pay for that, it is easy to be confused with all the choices available. The less a person has to spend the more limited the choices become but there are still a considerable number of variations in the TV Wireless Headphones market.

When considering wireless headphones for a TV it is important to note what type of connection the television will accept. Higher end televisions have multiple output possibilities, but most will at least have the 3.5mm headphone jack or the ¼” headphone jack. If not it may need to use an RCA cable out to female 3.5mm or ¼” headphone adapter.

There are 3 basic types of wireless signal available that can be used to connect to a television. Those types are RF, infrared, and Bluetooth. Each has its own benefits and detractions. Each can be the better choice depending on the situation.

For the best range, RF is by far the best choice. The distance is limited only by how far an FM signal can reach. This type of headset could be worn even outside. If a person does not have the capability or desire to pause the show being watched, this provides an option to hear what is going on even when taking out the trash or working in another room. Unfortunately RF also has the possibility of receiving interference, as there are a large amount of devices on the market that operate in the same spectrum.

Infrared is the best choice for clarity. It is hard to compare with the quality of sound provided by an infrared connection. This is the fastest transfer of data between the two devices. As such it is able to provide the full range of sound as well as any wired headset. Unfortunately infrared requires direct line of site. When not in the room with the infrared transmitter the connection is lost. That makes this a good option if only watching in one room, but a bad idea with multiple TVs or when multi-tasking with other chores.

Bluetooth is a mixture of the two. Bluetooth has become a standard technology utilized for everything from computers to phones to televisions. The sound quality of Bluetooth is not going to be as good as Infrared as it is a slower transfer of data. While Bluetooth does not quite have the distance of RF, it is less apt to receive interference due to this shorter range.

Once the buyer has established which signal type is best for them, the next biggest deciding factor is usually the comfort of the headphones. There are a variety of styles to choose from. The decision on this is more subjective as it relates the individual feel or comfort that the end user may experience.

The type of headphones that allows the user to immerse themselves in sound completely is known as Circumaural headphones. This means that the ears are completely covered and no outside noise is likely to interfere with the sound coming from the TV wireless headphones. Ear-pad headphones known as supra-aural headphones do not enclose the ears entirely. Most of the ear is covered, but there is at least a small gap allowing heat to escape and making it so that the user’s ears do not become sweaty and uncomfortable. Portable headphones or earbuds may also be used. These provide for more portability but do not give the same sound quality that can be expected from circumaural and supra-aural headsets. One other consideration is whether or not the headset is going to be utilized for gaming. In these circumstances the end user may want to find a set of headphones with a built in microphone.

Whichever type of transmitter is chosen, often it is possible to interchange the actual headphones themselves. This allows the user to switch types based on how the headset is being used at the time. Circumaural could be used for watching movies, while a headset with microphone could be used for gaming.

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