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Economy Rental Car - How to Drive More Affordably With an Economy Rental Car

better fuel efficiency less expensive to rent more available on the lot unexpected upgrade options interesting choices of newer cars less expensive repairs

When you have the opportunity, it can be far less expensive to rent an economy car than a full size or standard size car. Economy rates can be as much as $20 less per day compared to other types of rental cars. There are other considerations that make it worth investing in an economy rental car. They are more fuel efficient, there are usually more to choose from, and they are less expensive to fix if something should happen while you are driving the car.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Smaller cars generally offer better gas mileage overall. Recent models of economy cars were created specifically to lower the gas mileage. If you rent a car that offers excellent gas mileage, you will spend less when you have to refuel the car before you return it. Rental cars that are not driven very far during the rental may not even need to have any of the gasoline replaced. Even if you are driving an economy rental car in an area of the country that has high fuel rates, you will save money on the gasoline in the long run.

Less Expensive to Rent

An economy rental car will cost you less for the overall rental. This savings can be substantial depending on the car rental company you use. When you are traveling alone or with one other person, the sacrifice you make in the size of the car will be hardly noticeable. If you rent an economy car rather than a full size sedan for a week and the difference in rental rates is $20, you will have an extra $100 to use during your trip. Economy rental cars have plenty of room for two adult passengers and all of their luggage. They are an easy way to make your trip more affordable.

More Available on the Lot

Economy rental cars are the most popular type of car at most car rental companies, which means that the company will work hard to make sure there are plenty available for customers to choose from. When you decide to rent an economy car, you can feel confident that there will be one on the lot and available to use on the day that you need it. Other types of car can sell out quickly, but economy rentals are almost always well stocked and available.

Unexpected Upgrade Options

If you do reserve an economy rental car and the car rental company does not have one available for you, they will generally offer to upgrade your car category without charging you extra. You may find yourself driving a luxury sedan while you pay for economy rates. The gasoline consumption and insurance may be a little higher for the upgraded car, but it can be fun to drive it knowing that you are paying for the least expensive car on the lot. Upgrades of this sort do not happen often, but they do happen every now and then.

Interesting Choices of Newer Cars

Some of the newest economy rental cars available to customers include recent hybrid models. Auto manufacturers have been working to create smaller cars that have lower gas mileage, which means that they have been concentrating their recent efforts on the economy car market. When you rent an economy car, you will get to try out all of the latest gadgets that auto makers are putting into these smaller cars in order to meet the demands of consumers who want better fuel efficiency without sacrificing style or comfort. An economy rental car can be like an extended test drive when you are thinking of buying a new car.

Less Expensive Repairs

The insurance rates that you pay for an economy rental car are less expensive than those you would pay for a luxury car full sized sedan. That is because economy cars are generally less expensive to repair than the cars in the other classes. You can drive the economy car more comfortably knowing that you will be far better equipped to pay for damages if something should happen to the car. An economy rental car is especially suggested if you decide to waive the insurance coverage that is offered by the car rental company.

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