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First Command Bank - The Services Offered by First Command Bank

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First Command Bank, headquartered in Fort Worth Texas, is a savings and loan institution offering various financial products including personal loans, home loans, online banking, retirement planning, various insurance products and more. First Command is an FDIC insured bank governed by the Office of Thrift Supervisions and its parent company, First Command Financial Planning, Inc.

The parent company has a long history of exceptional customer service and superior banking products. According to a report dated December 31 2006, First Command boasted over $567 million in bank assets, in addition to $17.4 billion in assets management and $52.2 billion in top rated insurance products distributed between over 294,000 clients. While they boast a large military family client base, with over 40 percent of First Commands agents retired military officers, they also emphasize in personal and commercial banking as well.

First Command bank operates in some capacity within all 50 states in addition to the US territories of Puerto Rico and Guam. Their Money HQ program allows for online banking in a safe and efficient way. Charging a small monthly fee allows First Command bankers to consolidate every bit of their banking into a single online access point, which includes the ability to transfer funds form one account to another.

Another online service, called expedited payments, allows customers to add participating merchants to an account and make payments to that merchant using the online account. Any payments made in this manner generally credit sometime during the next business day. This service guarantees that so long as the account is scheduled to make payments on or before the due date each month, if a late payment is shown, the customer pays no fees; the bank picks up those charges 100 percent of the time.

Their loan and mortgage programs offer some of the best rates in the banking industry. Securing financing for any one of their loan programs in simple for current First Command customers with loan types such as traditional 15 or 30 year loans or VA loans in addition to jumbo loans and adjustable rate mortgage loans. The underwriter for First Command loans is part of the Colonial savings FA known as Community Bankers Mortgage and they have the experience and knowledge needed to help anyone secure the loan they need to finance the home of their dreams.

Other services from First Command bank include automobile loans, Visa, and Master Card credit card programs in addition to check card programs, trust services, traditional savings and checking accounts, retirement investing and educational loans, among other products. Additionally, in June of 2009, First Command initiated an Identity Theft program, called ID Protection Service and they designed the program to keep their clients and financial information safe.

This program better watches credit files and emails a client if there has been any illegitimate or other suspicious activity within their account. Whenever a client’s credit report is altered, whether a payment was recorded or changed in any other way, the client is notified immediately. In many cases of identity theft, this type of information typically takes months to report because activity is never noticed until the client makes an application for credit and by that time, the damage is already done and difficult to reverse.

However, clients using the ID Protection Service from First Command bank, customers are notified of any changes quickly and they can alert the proper authorities before any real damage is done. First Command’s ID Protection Service also insures the client by paying for a portion of the charges to restore their name and reverse the credit damages.

One thing to remember when using the First Command Bank is that even though they are FDIC insured and bankers are protected for up to $250,000, they do not participate in the “Transaction Account Guarantee Program” and does not offer FDIC protection for life insurance, bonds, stocks or municipal securities either. However, no matter which financial product a client chooses when they choose to bank with First Command bank, they are guaranteed first class customer service in addition to the best rates around. Servicing clients for decades, the First Command Bank is certainly worth a look.

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