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Kauai Rental Car - Traveling to Kauai? A rental car is a must.

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Kauai is a tropical paradise that unlike other vacation spots, is still reasonably untouched by massive development, tourist traps, and construction. It has been nicknamed “The Garden Isle” and for good reason. It still provides picturesque tropical vegetation, white sandy beaches, and a vast variety of local attractions, activities, and wonderful cuisine. If you are contemplating vacationing on this wonderful island getaway, a rental car is a must.
Although Kauai does have bus service, it is limited, and most people will prefer the freedom and flexibility a rental car provides. Kauai is circular in shape, and fortunately, one major highway circles it almost completely, allowing ease of travel. A visitors guide will be useful showing where all of the major sites are located, times of shows, locations of restaurants, etc., and should be reviewed prior to arrival so at least a loose itinerary is in place. There is such a great deal to do and see, especially if you will be limited to just a few days of vacation time, that a plan would be helpful.
Reserving a car is an easy process nowadays with online reservations available at a great number of internet sites. It is recommended to begin your search sometime before you travel allowing more time to secure a great rate. Recently a friend of mine traveled to Hawaii for one month and rented a car for the entire stay. He checked prices for several days before locking in a price at $9 a day. If you have the time you too may be able to find a great deal.
Many people question whether to buy additional insurance for the rental vehicle through the company or to depend on their own insurance. A good practice is to call your insurance company first to verify your coverage, and to check the extent of that coverage. Many people are unaware that, if in the unfortunate event they are involved in an accident with the rental car, the rental company may charge for each day the car is out of service, regardless of who is at fault. Check with your credit card company as well for coverage. Many card providers will provide insurance on rental cars, or they may give you the option of purchasing additional insurance through them. Since oftentimes the rental car companies fees will double the daily rental rate, it is worth investigating prior to arrival.
Parking on the island is typically driver friendly and not too costly. Some hotels may charge for parking, so you may want to ask the rate prior to showing up. If you are looking at an extremely relaxed vacation where most of your time is going to be spent lounging on the beach and enjoying the sun, a rental car for just a few days of your trip may be the better choice, giving you the option on those days to sight see should you be moved to do so.
As for driving on the island, it is much more relaxed than driving on the mainland. Traffic lights are kept to a minimum and in some areas there are single lane bridges. Slow down and enjoy the scenery, yielding to oncoming traffic and giving way to all pedestrians. The local driving culture is to enjoy the ride, be considerate of others, and to drive safely. All passengers in your vehicle need to have their seat belts on, and all children under age 8 need proper car seats or boosters just as in most of the continental states.
Once you have picked up the rental car and you are on your way to touring the island, remember to drive safely, enjoy the numerous natural attractions, and take advantage of your time visiting one of the most beautiful tropical vacation spots on the planet. You will not regret the additional time and money you spent in researching and reserving a rental car, as most travelers will attest, the money and time is well worth the payoff.

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