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Fiber Optic Network Cable - What Makes A Fiber Optic Network Cable So Great?

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With the ever increasing onward push of technology, the flow of information has risen steadily upward. Since the Internet now reaches the four corners of the globe, everybody is connected to the exact same source. This has made the push for greater speed a matter of great importance with most information technology (IT) companies. The old days of using coaxial and copper wire are being phased out, replaced with the newest carrier type: fiber optic network cable.

Fiber is not a new concept, but was considered to be extremely costly for most standard installations. However, as new advancements were made and more technicians understood how to handle the material, it has become widely popular for network applications. The principle of binary communication uses a medium of some type to transfer a series of ones or zeroes between 2 places. Senders on one end sent messages to receivers on the other. It is the exact same concept used by the earliest telegraph users.

There are a great number of benefits to this type of wiring, including reliability, safety, and faster information flow. In fact, more new businesses are using this method to build their network backbone since the cost of materials has gone way down. Fiber operates by using light waves to beam the message between two points on a network. Since light is the fastest speed known to man, it has opened up a whole new area of communication possibilities.

Previously, local area networks (LANs) used cable composed of a conductive metal – either copper or aluminum. This wire was drawn into thin strands and coated with a non-conductive material to allow several lines to be bundled together. Then it was classified into different categories, depending on the top end speed. The current standard for cabling of this type is Category 6e (Cat 6e). While wiring like this is still in existence in many networks, it is slowly being replaced by fiber optic network cable. Since speed is of the essence in today’s fast moving business world, more firms are electing for this type of connection in their local area network. Although it may not be the cable of choice for every computer (or node) that is hooked up to the central hub, all of the major lines will contain fiber.

Thin strands of glass or plastic made up a fiber communication core. It is wrapped with a few other materials, and then a projective jacket covers the outer surface. Light is used to send messages across the 2 main types of fiber. Long haul lines can be strung between buildings of moderate distances, while the short haul type is used for a lesser span. It is extremely hard to intercept, or hack data sent by this method, since the speed is incredibly fast. Even if tapping into the stream was possible, most likely the result would only be a bunch of gibberish. Thus security issues are almost non-existent when a fiber optic cable is used.

Of course, specialized equipment is needed in order to safely install this type of material. Since it is relatively fragile, the bending radius is lessened for making any kind of loop in the coil. Technicians have to be careful when planning their run to any location. The distance from the central hub to a remote node is carefully calculated in order not to risk any type of permanent damage. The termination point also takes a unique connector in order to interface with any kind of device. This may be a computer or another type of network cable.

Fiber optic network cable has proven to be of great benefit to many business offices, because of the great speed of access. Files and information that typically took hours to download are now gathered in minutes. A fast Internet connection can keep a company ahead of the competition, since the exchange of information is crucial to the lifeblood of the firm.

Fiber is fast, reliable and extremely safe. Confidentiality is not even a consideration when using this type of material. This is probably the main reason that any new construction makes use of a cable made of glass. Informed travelers now include this as part of their criteria.

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