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Cd Storage Binder - The Handy CD Storage Binder

cd storage binders are inexpensive

CDs and DVDs are becoming more a part of life than ever. Practically anyone you meet uses CD’s in some way or another. That being the case it’s great to have a decent way to store them. If left around, CDs get scratched and even broken. Thereafter about all they’re good for (at least if they become scratched or dented enough) is coasters for coffee cups. This problem is made even worse by the fact that sellers of cheap CDs in bulk often include only minimal protective packaging. This may be only easily tearable paper sleeves or simply a large plastic case into which all the CDs are placed without any individual protection.
CD storage binders are a great step toward overcoming the problem of scuffed up CDs. These handy items come with plastic sleeves arranged in a page like fashion. Each plastic “page” of a CD storage binder holds 2 or 3 CDs. Often a single binder will hold around 45 – 50 CDs or more. This is an appreciable number. And the CD storage binder can be easily stashed in a briefcase, handbag, or just carried by hand.
Truly, the CD storage binder is the best way of carrying CDs. That can be stated without reservation. Here are some of advantages of this CD storage system:

Many CDs can be stored in one place

Unlike individual plastic cases for CDs (sometimes called jewel cases), a CD storage binder collects many CDs in one place in an easy to carry fashion. Imagine trying to carry 50 CDs in their original cases (or plastic CD cases you’ve bought for them) on a quick trip to work or to a friend’s house! You’ll have your work cut out for you in such a situation. But with a CD storage binder, you grab it and go and that’s about it. You can toss it in the backseat of the car, put it in a backpack, in your briefcase or work (as noted above), and so on. Virtually no hassle at all involved. If you’re, say walking or riding a bike, carrying 50s CDs in their original cases borders on the impossible. But with a CD storage binder it’s a snap.

CD storage binders offer double protection

CD storage binders protect your CDs twice: The plastic sheath of the binder “page” offers quite a bit of protection to begin with. Then on top of this the CDs are enclosed in the durable outer binding of the binder. The binder could even be dropped and the CDs would probably not even be damaged in any way. The outer binding/cover plus the inner sheathing when put together offer unparalleled protection.

CD storage binders eliminate clutter and are easy to organize

If you have a bunch of independent CD cases they can easily pile up into a cluttered, disorganized mess on desks or wherever they are placed. The CD binder eliminates this problem as well. CDs in a binder can be alphabetized or labeled in any way that makes sense to the user. The whole binder can be labeled as well creating organized groups of CDs by overall subject. So not only are CDs all in one place, but they are arranged in a way that makes sense to whoever owns or uses them.

CD storage binders are inexpensive

CD storage binders won’t break the bank – they usually range between $10 for a basic one, up to around $50 for top of the line binders. Plastic cases usually cost a comparable amount if purchased in the number that a binder would include. And for all the reasons above, binders usually make more sense to buy. The only time it might make more sense to buy plastic cases is if an individual only has a few CDs or is perhaps going to distribute CDs to others. But for ordinary storage and transportation of CDs, CD binders are generally the way to go.
CD storage binders solve a lot of the common problems with CDs in this CD centered world we live in. They are the sensible way to store and carry your CDs. They are well within the budget of the average user, and they offer excellent protection, organization and portability. So if you have a lot, or even a moderate amount, of CDs to store, you owe it to yourself to invest in one.

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