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Castle Rock Homes For Sale - Castle Rock Homes For Sale Demonstrate Wide Appeal

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The beauty of Colorado, a state known for breathtaking views and scenic appreciation, is not lost on the town of Castle Rock. The town, nestled where the high plains meet the Rocky Mountain foothills, offers a great location for house seekers looking to put down roots not far from Denver’s accessibility.

Although only 30 miles from Denver, Castle Rock has plenty of its own appeal, established on 33 square miles in a well elevated, yet sheltered, area. At 6,202 feet above sea level, it is protected from the winter storms of the mountains and just out of reach of the extreme heat of the plains. Hot, dry summers and cold, dry winters, 16" of rainfall, and 62" of snow contribute to a semi-arid climate. With sunshine well over half the year, highs in July around 85 degrees, and January lows around 12, it’s a seasonal delight. Offering excellent schools, diverse restaurants, recreational, and outdoor activities, Castle Rock homes for sale deserve a serious look if seeking suburban charm within easy reach of big city lights.

Castle Rock has enjoyed fast growth similar to many areas along Colorado’s Front Range Urban Corridor, an oblong region of urban population located along the eastern face of the Southern Rockies. Now the administrative seat for Douglas County, Castle Rock had humble origins. Beginning with just under 100 residents and incorporated in 1881, early settlers were drawn by rumors of gold and land acquisition through the Homestead Act of 1864. The discovery of rhyolite, a material used in decorative rock work, put the town on the map, and soon a new train depot was shipping rhyolite from three quarries. As the rhyolite business grew, so did the town, the castle-tower shaped butte near its center a reminder of the early riches mined from within. Indeed, the more recent proliferation of residential developments may reflect the region’s origins, as many stylish Castle Rock homes, for sale and otherwise, are faced with stone.

With a 2000 census population of 20,000 significantly increasing to 46,261 by 2009, Castle Rock responded. It has built 14 schools and supplied open space areas and parks comprising 27% of the total land area. 56 miles of soft surface and paved trails assure outdoor exercise surrounded by natural beauty. Moreover, with views of Pikes Peak and the majestic Rockies, many Castle Rock homes for sale boast city and mountain views. Homes in newer developments often sacrifice lot size while still possessing a sense of the great outdoors. It’s not uncommon for a 2400 square foot home to sit on .10 acres, as Castle Rock homes for sale on smaller lots cost less.

What current prices prevail? If purchasing from the 1,300 or so Castle Rock homes for sale in current inventory, checking foreclosures and pre-foreclosures is advisable. They often yield great savings through buyer bargaining power. Foreclosures, with an existing median price of $258,000, comprise 25% of total houses for sale. Among all “resales,” the median price of $350,000 has slightly declined since July, while new homes have a higher median, $374,950.

In Castle Rock, homes for sale clearly hold wide shopping appeal. Numerous styles and sizes accommodate varying family needs. For “starters” or retirees, smaller contemporary homes under 1400 square feet on tenth acre lots can be purchased for around $200,000, while larger styles running well over 2,000 square feet range from $250,000 to much more. Lot size matters, as a 2000 square foot home on a quarter acre, backing to mountain views, might only be $50,000 less than a 2600-square-foot updated residence on a lot half as large. Some beautiful larger Castle Rock homes for sale boast golf course locations, 5,000-7,000 square foot floor plans, and moderate quarter acre lots, making their $650,000 plus price tags attractive. Once again, however, foreclosures shouldn’t be ignored, as for that price, an even larger bank owned estate on 10 sprawling acres beckons!

Undoubtedly, a growing community surrounded by natural wonders, yet only a short commute from job centers like Denver Technological Center, attracts newcomers. Perhaps that is why the August 2010 issue of Family Circle magazine recently named Castle Rock the #1 best town for families. It seems to have everything they were looking for: good jobs, top schools, wide open spaces, and the affordable housing that comprises another chief factor, less stress!

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