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Sharp Ink Cartridge - Can you refill your Sharp ink cartridges?

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Personal printers have become more affordable than ever, and more people as a result are able to own their own printing devices today than at any other point in human history. However, there are downsides to the availability of such technology, and those downsides are usually related to the upkeep and maintenance of printers. Every printer requires some sort of ink to print, and every printer runs out of ink eventually. Sharp ink cartridges are just one example of the numerous ink cartridges on the market. Many consumers would agree that perhaps the most frustrating part of owning a home printer is having to replace its ink cartridges. Modern printer and ink manufacturers have created a vast industry involving ways to keep consumers purchasing ink at ever opportunity. It is common for manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Sharp, and Hewlett Packard to sell entry level ink jet printers at relatively cheap prices, such as forty or fifty dollars, and make very little profit in the sale of the actual printer itself, but reap the rewards many times over when customers come back time and time again to purchase Sharp ink cartridges that cost nearly as much each time as the printer originally did.

However, consumers do not have to be stuck in an endless loop of purchasing Sharp ink cartridges or other ink cartridges from the original manufacturers at full price for the lifetimes of their printers. It has recently become possible to purchase home refill kits for ink cartridges and perform the task of refilling the cartridges on your own. In fact, it is possible to buy a number of ink refill kits from third parties directly over the internet, through sites such as Ink Supply, Rapid Refill, Printer Filling Station, and Mister Ink Jet. Such kits will come with a supply of brand new ink, a syringe for injecting the ink, and a set of instructions on how you can reuse your current ink cartridge once it is empty over and over again. You can easily save hundreds of dollars in a year by using ink refill kits to refill your Sharp ink cartridges if you find yourself frequently running out of ink, but the savings do come at a potential cost: the task of refilling an empty ink cartridge can be considerably messy.

There are a number of steps you can take, however, to protect yourself and your environment from becoming covered with spilled ink and toner if you decide to refill your Sharp ink cartridges on your own. First, you can purchase latex gloves to help you with the refilling process. Second, you can be sure to cover whichever surface you plan to work on to reduce the risks of spots and stains from unplanned ink spills. Third, it is a good idea to do the actual work of refilling the ink cartridges either over a sink or inside a bathtub, as you will find it much easier to clean up any spills that occur in such environments. Once you are prepared with ink refill kit and empty ink cartridge close by, you can begin.

First of all, examine the Sharp ink cartridge. On most cartridges, you will find some sort of label that you can peal back to reveal a small hole that can be used to refill the ink container. Carefully insert the syringe into the ink of your refill kit and pull back the syringe until it is filled with ink. Take the now filled syringe and inject it into the small hole located on top of the Sharp ink cartridge. Most ink cartridges will include a sponge inside; the purpose of the sponge is to contain the ink in a gel like phase so it does not splatter everywhere. You will want to insert the needle of the syringe into the cartridge so it can spray the ink into the sponge. This process will work not only with Sharp ink cartridges, but with ink cartridges from a variety of print and ink manufacturers, including Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon, and other leading brands. In conclusion, it is not only possible to refill your ink cartridges, it can be done for a low price.

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