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Used Furniture Chicago - Finding Used Furniture in Chicago

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There are many reasons to go out and purchase a new set of furniture: the cat has destroyed your current set, the kids were jumping up and down on, or it simply is time to replace it. However, new furniture can be a seriously large burden to your wallet. That is why you should consider getting used furniture, Chicago being our focal point. This article is designed to help you find some of the best deals in used furniture Chicago has to offer.

You might be asking: why should I get used furniture instead of new? There are a couple of reasons. For one, used furniture is considerably less expensive than new furniture. Two, new furniture stores tend to have a display floor of similar looking furniture. Purchasing used, you are more likely to find something unique and that represents your personality. This can also be a fun experience with trying to bargain hunt for used furniture all over town.

This guide will show you the tricks of the trade. It will help you find better deals that simply googling the term used furniture. Chicago residents should first look for local deals on the Craig’s list website. Often times one can find people selling used furniture for a very low amount of money, or simply giving away all of their furniture. What’s cheaper than free? You will more than likely have to go down and pick up the furniture yourself, but you are still saving a lot of money regardless.

Along those lines, used furniture can be found in the classifieds section of the Chicago Tribune, or even those penny saver papers in the stands at grocery stores. It requires some work with calling all the ad placers, but you can generally find a great deal by taking the extra time needed to accomplish this. This way also, you are not dealing with a salesman that might be trying to take a little bit more than the furniture is actually worth.

When it comes to used furniture, Chicago is probably one of the best places to buy. Not only can you buy used furniture, but you can also be helping out children at the same time. The White Elephant Shop is a fundraising project of the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago that resells used furniture among other items. This is a great way to give back to the community. All the proceeds made from sales directly benefit the Children’s Memorial.

Since we are on the subject of elephants, the Brown Elephant is also another place where you can buy used furniture. Chicago based health care provider, Howard Brown, has several resale shops throughout the Chicago metro area. In the same way that the White Elephant proceeds went to the Children’s Hospital, some of the proceeds from the Brown Elephant go towards Howard Brown clients that are underinsured or not insured at all. This is another way to help out someone else while getting a great deal on used furniture.

Then there are also thrift stores, such as the Ark, that are in Chicago that sell used furniture. This is actually a great place to find used furniture. They usually have a large selection with new items coming in all the time. Plus, the prices are fairly reasonable.

As a last ditch effort for used furniture, Chicago Recycling Coalition. This is pretty much the dump, but that old saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” holds true here. There are many perfectly decent pieces of furniture here that people either did not want any more or couldn’t get rid of. Depending on what you find, it could be yours for free. Everything else could be yours for a low price.

There are plenty of options out there for buying used furniture. Chicago is full of places to purchase used furniture that can benefit you and other people at the same time. It might require a little more effort than googling the term, but the money you save will be all worth it.

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