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Shop At Home Tv - Shop at Home Television Networks

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The camera zooms in on a bracelet and the television screen is filled with glittering diamonds and gold. There is a clock counting down on the side of the shop at home tv show’s screen, and the consumer suddenly feels a sense of panic that this bracelet will slip out of her grasp if she doesn’t immediately pick up the phone. So she does and in seconds she is reeling off her credit card numbers to an operator on the other end. Meanwhile, shoppers at a nearby department store walk by an almost identical gold bracelet, not even noticing it.

Shop at home tv shows are a powerful tool for selling items. By focusing all of a viewer’s attention on one item and describing it in vivid, glowing detail, shoppers are wooed into believing they are buying something special. In addition, countdown clocks and hosts declaring items are in limited quantity often make shoppers act more impulsively than they would in a store.

At one time, most items sold on television were done so through late night infomercials and were considered to be of dubious quality. For $19.95, plus shipping and handling — that always seemed to be the price point — a person could pick up knives that could supposedly slice through steel or scalp dye to spray that bald spot away.

Nowadays, shop at home tv shows such as QVC and HSN are very popular. QVC, which started in 1986, reaches 98 million homes in the United States and in 2007, made $7.4 billion dollars in net sales. QVC is by far the biggest of the shop at home tv networks and it claims that over 190,000 customers shop with them every day.

The next biggest shop at home tv network is HSN, the Home Shopping Network, which began in 1981 in St. Petersburg, Florida. It reaches 94.4 million homes, and in the first quarter of 2010 HSN had $171.6 million in net sales

ShopNBC is the third largest shop at home tv network and reaches 73 million homes and in the first quarter of 2010, it had $125 million in net sales. There are other smaller shop at home tv stations such as the Gem Shopping Network and JTV.

Why are home shopping networks so popular? For consumers, convenience is the key factor. Shopping at home means a customer doesn’t even have to get out of her pajamas on a Saturday morning to shop. There are no large mall crowds to fight, especially in the holiday season, the customer never has to look for a parking spot, and there is no walking from store to store in search of an item. Additionally, a shop at home tv viewer can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for Christmas. Some consumers actually get addicted to the convenience of shopping at home and the fun of receiving an endless stream of boxes in the mail.

Who are these shoppers? Eighty-five percent are female, are married, have some college education and are about 45 years old. Interestingly, according to USA Today, 95 percent of QVC’s business comes from repeat customers.

For developers and manufacturers of products, shop at home tv networks offer ideal showcases for their products, especially for items that don’t explain themselves well when sitting on a shelf such as necklace extenders or coiled garden hoses. QVC claims that every year it reviews hundreds of thousands of products that hope to make it onto its show. This is not surprising when there are success stories such as clothes designer Jeanne Bice who was discovered in 1995 at one of QVC’s talent searches and who now has the top clothing brand, Quacker Factory, sold on the show.

Recently, the shop at home tv networks, like most businesses, were hit by the recession and sales were down during 2008 and 2009. In addition, some shoppers are still wary of purchasing items from a television shopping show, acquainting them with the chintzy infomercial products of the past. The shop at home tv networks know that to keep their businesses growing, they must figure out ways to attract new viewers to their shows and that is currently their main goal for the future.

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