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Queen Mary Ship - Discovery the History and Mystery of the Queen Mary Ship

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The Queen Mary ship is a retired ocean liner that sailed for the Cunard Line between 1936 and 1967. According to legend, Cunard planned to name the ocean liner “Victoria,” but then when the company representatives asked King George V permission to name the ship after Britain’s greatest queen, he replied Queen Mary, who was his wife, would be delighted. Launched on September 26, 1934, the Queen Mary traveled 13 feet to the gallon, contained 40,000 hp turbine steam engines, 4 propellers weighing 35 tons each, and a 140 ton rudder weighing 81, 234 tons. Not only did the Queen Mary ship sail for three decades across the Atlantic entertaining its passengers, but also was used during World War II to escort over 800,000 troops more than 600,000 miles. Along with allied troops, the Queen Mary ship also transported 5,000 German prisoners and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Queen Mary has crossed the Atlantic over 1,000 times. Carrying on average 1957 passengers serviced by a crew of 1174, the Queen Mary ship has been recorded as one of the largest passenger liners ever built. Although the Queen Mary ship retired in 1967, she has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and now resides in Long Beach, California.
On May 8, 1971, the Queen Mary ship officially became a tourist attraction hosting a variety of restaurants, museums and a hotel. Standing 140 feet tall, over 1000 feet long and 145 feet wide, the Queen Mary was bought by the city of Long Beach for $3.5 million dollars. In the last thirty years of being docked, the ship has hosted many shows and exhibits including: Howard Hughes Spruce Goose flying boat next door in the dome, Titanic traveling exhibit, Jacques Cousteau’s “Living Sea” Museum, and Treasures of the Last Russian Emperor and Scorpion Russian submarine. Also, the ship has become famous for its paranormal activity. Reports of hearing children crying in the nursery room that was actually used as the third-class playroom and an eerie splash noise in the drained first- class swimming pool have been cited.
Another special event that the Queen Mary ship features is wedding ceremonies and receptions. Will the choice of either the timeless Wedding Chapel or the romantic Sun Deck Stage overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the ceremony is guaranteed to be an unforgettable event. Also, the teak decks provide a variety of unique Art Deco Salons making an ideal place to treat guests for a wedding reception. Following a day full of celebration, newlyweds have found the staterooms ideal for ending their special day.

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